Thursday, February 04, 2010


Have you ever tried to change your netbanking pas*word online? Well, here's my experience with one, some time back.(After logging in):

Enter old pas*word.
- I enter old pas*word

Enter new pass* word twice
- I enter new pas*word twice

Pas*word cannot be all numerals
- I enter new pas*word twice

Pas*word cannot be same as last pas*word
- I enter another new pas*word twice

Pas*word cannot be same as last 2 passwords
- I enter another new pas*word twice

Pas*word cannot be same as last 3 pa*swords
- I get bugged and enter' Yousuggestthepassword'

Pas*word cannot be only alphabets. Enter alphanumerical password
- I enter a totally new pas*word

Pas*word accepted.

Then, I went to Dxb for some time, and logged on after a month.

-I login
Incorrect pas*word
- I enter again(I'm sure it's the correct one since I noted it)
Incorrect pas*word-you have two tries left
- I enter again
Incorrect pas*word-you have one try left
- I enter again
Your netbanking account is blocked.

I go to the bank.
'Sir, if you don't log on at least once a month, your pas*word is disabled.'

I apply for new one.

It comes after 7 days.

I logon again.
Enter old pas*word
- I enter the one they sent
Enter new pas*word twice.
- I enter an alphanumeric pas*word, which I'd decided on 15 minutes earlier.
Pas*word changed successfully.

Whew- is this what they mean by 'Live and Learn'?

Clarification: The '*' symbol is to avoid any spam mails getting attracted (like the anopheles mosquito gets attracted to people in Baroda) to this post, and a bunch of these mails lining the comments box, with links on how to generate, delete,hack, etc, where pas*words are concerned.


Lazy Pineapple said...

eeek this is so frustrating.....I have had such problem with my password in India. Thankfully it is fine in UK.

I get bugged when you type in the correct password and still it says incorrect. Next time you do that it accepts ...what's up with that???

BTW you have been tagged on my blog....please oblige :)

Arunima said...

oh yes, HDFC disbales the password if you don't log in for a month and I faced a similar situation. Then I spoke to 7 customer care execs to get something sorted out recently with the ICICI bank. infact, it is worth posting. I must write about it.

austere said...

See why I stay away from net banking?

After two tries, I take the customer service route...