Friday, February 26, 2010

Do you remember..

Without spending more than a second or two on each question,  tell me, do you remember:

1. When you wear your shoes, which foot do you put the socks in, first?And, which shoe do you put on,first?
2. When you button up a shirt, which buttons do you begin with-the top or the bottom?
3. What's the colour of your drawing room walls?
4. If you answered number 3 correctly, what's the colour of your bedroom walls and kitchen?
5. What is the name of the first shop you see when you come out of your home/building/bungalow?
6. What were you wearing yesterday? What colour? (If your answer is 'nothing', skip this question, coz that's not really a memory recall. And, this question is not directed at nud*sts)
7. What's the name of your regular grocery guy?(This one's very easy for me-there're three,and all are called 'Rajubhai')
8. What's the date today?
9. If you read the newspaper headlines today, repeat one headline.
10. What was the last discussion/argument/happy talk you had with your hubby/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/father\mother(as applicable)?

Ah well, this is not a tag, don't worry-but, you can do it as a tag, if you'll do it without peeking into the recesses of your mind.

If you got more than five correct, congrats!You're one of the rare few who go around without their eyes and ears closed.

How many did I get right? Three!!Arghh!!That's what comes when you're doing subconscious listening/observing. The eyes and ears are somewhere, but the mind is wandering somewhere else. Right?

I think, most of the time, what our mind does is think like the smiling guy in the pic below,so all the thoughts going in are also leaving...err, I leave that to your fertile imagination:

Origin of these thoughts: The Feb issue of H &N mag, one of my favourite health mags. There's an article 'critical thinking', which goes:

Quote: (Extracts only)

You love reading history, and the shelves in your living room are lined with fat,fact-filled books. The problem is, you don't really remember reading any of them. You don't just forget whole books, but movies you just saw, breakfasts you just ate, and the names, oh, the names are awful.

Brains in middle age..get easily distracted. Start boiling water for pasta, go answer the doorbell and-whoosh-all thoughts of boiling water disappear. Indeed, aging brains, even in the middle years, fall into what's called the default mode, during which the mind wanders off and begins daydreaming.

What has been stuffed into your head may not have vanished but has simply been squirrelled away in the folds of your neurons.

If kept in good shape, the brain can continue to build pathways that help it's owner recognize patterns and, as a consequence, see significance and even solutions much faster than a young person can.
It's a one page article- you can either pick up the issue or, let me know-I'll scan and put it up in a coming post, if you're really interested!:)
Cheerio, till next time!!Have a great weekend!:)


Sakhi said...

I got most of them right...couldn't remember like 3 of them. :-S
That's perhaps because I'm not technically middle aged yet. Which means, its going to happen to me too- only a matter of time. *shudder*
But I always did have problem remembering names/numbers/dates. :/
S m i l e

Lazy Pineapple said...

I got more than 5 right...yipeee....

It proves that I am not yet middle aged..whew what a relief...

Nice post Amit :)
Also, I loved the choice of endings for the thriller fiction. You really put in a lot of effort and I really appreciate it :)

Arunima said...

i know the answer of most of your questions not because of good brains, but because I use them often. JK traders is opp my house (I use this in my postal address)
The wall colour of the hall is red and offwhite on another side. i love it and have been planning to use it in the new apartment hence I remember. similarly, I remember the rest cos of their significance. but if that means my brains are still good, I am really glad.

rain girl said...

okk.. i remembered everything!!! :P hehe woww :P

interesting post!

Dreams said...

I got all of them collect, esp the argument bit hehe.. !
Btw - the new template dosnet work well on mozilla.. so please do something about it

Poo said...

I got all fo them right...expect one, I don't know the name of my grocer:)) I just call of them bhaiya!

AmitL said...

Hi,Sakhi-good going...and,a big LOL at the thoughts on middle age,and so on.:)
Hi,LP-haha..the post was just supposed to check your memory..not age..:)
Arunima,ha-yes,it does mean your brains are good,but,it also means you're more observant.:)
Hi,Rain Girl-wow-congrats..and,do be back more often..:)
Hi,Dreamz-haha-congrats..and,the template part-can u help me correct it?
Hi,Poo-well,that's ok-the name of the grocer-most people call them 'bhaiya'.:)congrats for the rest.:)