Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Waah-life ho to aisi

Hi,all!Been more than a week since I came here....let me just describe a working day for you, so you feel a bit envious..don't worry- you will surely have some great days very soon, in this New good wishes are with you.:)

Get up-5 AM. Lazily roll the feet,curl the toes et al....and a bit more of the 'good spinal cord  ke liye' exercises... Brush, etc- till 520-530...

Room Service- could you please send one tea to room 315? Yes, Sir...

In 5 minutes, there it is- one small kettle of tea without milk,one mini jug of milk...both steaming hot(It's cold weather here,you know...hehe..)...the free(Hotel service,ok? The paper's price is 3 AED, i.e. 38 Rs roughly- 2 papers and it makes a month's TOI subscription in India...but then, for subscribers,it's much cheaper here...nearly free...ask me...I was one, till I left the flat in November...haha) paper's there, the main news...and, it's usually cheerful news, unlike our papers that insist on the headlines being only about disasters or killings...(Two opposites, I feel..each can take a cue from the other).Watch TV (The few channels in the Hotel's bouquet are- Zee Aflam(Hindi Movies,for the M.E.), National, 9XM, B4u Music, Star Movies, Fox Movies and 1-2 are mostly local channels)..

Finish some more a Perry Mason/watch MYL....

Take a relaxing bath.

Off to buffet breakfast(included in Hotel room rates) in their restaurant- sign the register with a flourish-I'm usually the first or second person there, even on Friday.. there's :(Hold your breath):

-Juice of a different type everyday, from orange to mango to cocktail ...
- Then, salad bowls - cucumber,carrot,tomato....with honey/sauce/curd(I think).
- Next is cornflakes with cold milk.
- Wholemeal bread(Or, for those who want alternates-there's croissants,buns,white bread), jam,butter, with baked beans/omelette)
-One S. Indian dish like Idli/Appam/Dosa,etc...
-One form of potatoes(today was garlic,yesterday was mashed)which I just take a bit of(But and all, you see...ahem!!)
- And a choice of tea or coffee to get you totally awake.

I take a bit of the veggie stuff only...(but still, it lasts me from 715 AM to noon)....maybe I'll take a pic or two before going just for this blog. Believe me,I'm not a foodie, but this healthy breakfast has enchanted me!

Let me finish the food description during the day:

Lunch is usually a brown veggie sandwich and watermelon juice.

Dinner is either skipped(If I'm too zapped out at work-happened twice in 8 days) or it's juice of some kind, or a pick of  salad from Lulu's hypermarket/spinneys, or maybe a plate of idli. Only once this week, I had chapatti.(They make them from Maida,most of the restaurants I avoid it)

So, my food routine these days is,  like the saying goes, breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine-ner like a pauper. Haha.

 I finish breakfast at 715...walk briskly to the place where our Co bus comes at 730-735....I usually reach 10 minutes early. Observe the' lake' of humanity(It used to be a sea, but now there's considerably less people-maybe on holiday, or maybe sent home?sigh) passing by-many look worried(@ their jobs,I'm sure), 1-2 ladies carrying their less-than-a-year old kids with them-probably to leave them at a creche while they go to work(probably compulsory, to make ends meet.Sigh.), the Phillipinos, some in their skimpy best work clothes(No eyebrow raising please!!LOL). The Metro rolls by on it's elevated platform- it's already become a part and parcel of daily life for many people.

The work day flies by, with a lot to be achieved, in these 16 days(8 are gone already)...and,a lot is already achieved(Somehow, I always need to justify to myself that I've done my job well at the end of each day).

0530: The bus is back...we used to reach in an hour, @ 1 1/2 year back. Yesterday, it took 8 minutes...again an indication of less people and of course, vastly improved traffic management.

Reach home..err,the Hotel. Call Housekeeping- the guy's in, in a jiffy- in 15 mins, the pillow covers are changed, the blankets neatly tucked in, the bathroom's spruced up, the room looks like I'd just moved in..(I swear he brings in a coke/pepsi bottle or two in his basket, to do the bathroom cleaning- I wonder if it's the real thing he uses,to clean the tiles,et al? Will take a closer look, soon)

I go for a nice walk- at least an hour or so if I'm not too tired. Sit at the net on the way(like I'm doing now) if I'm feeling up to it.

 Return, watch a bit of TV/read/hook up a DV player(I kept one from the time I was in the rented flat) and voila-it's time to think of sleep. Sheer,blissful sleep....till it's 5 AM again.

Waah-life ho to aisi, huh?!! ...busy yet relaxing, relaxing yet busy..:) No headaches of keeping track of when the next rent cheque will be deposited by the landlord, no tension of having to do the jhaadu-pochha on Friday’s holiday and causing a sneezing fit, no tension of wondering whether the gas burner was switched off while leaving the house…..we should all live in hotels, I think.(Especially when the rates are so close to rental rates out here).

But, again,I'm already missing Baroda,and my morning trips to the E.M.E. Temple, the walk in the park, the panchamrut mini cup afterwards. :)

What did I do on the last Fri-Sat? Will tell you-on this Friday..So, hang in there...just one more work day in between.Cheerio and take care.


Lazy Pineapple said...

wow, yummy yummy food :) maja karo....really cool day huh....enjoy!!

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Arunima said...

:-) i envy the diff juices evryday.

AmitL said...

Hi,LP- indeed it is...ab nazar na lagaayein!!haha!
Arunima- they're really good,believe me...can you imagine, I've not had headaches since I came here and began this breakfast?Indeed,this first nutrition of the day,rather,the lack of it, must have been one cause of headaches in the past.So, this has been quite a good experience !!:)

austere said...

That last line about missing EME and Baroda summed it all up, waisey yeh sab toh theek hai, badhiya hai.