Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uttarayan Time: Part II

Part II:

Finally, the day would dawn. Rather, after a sleepless night, the sound of people playing the bugle from their rooftops to welcome the kite-flying day, would filter in at @ 5 AM.

The access to the sloping terrace was from the centre-point of the 2 V shapes. Two wooden ladders(one somewhat rickety-thank God no-one ever fell from it) one on either side would be tied to the window bars to ensure stability.

Another thing we used to do was collect a bunch of thorny brambles that we would get from a friend’s jungle-ish garden, mount them on a long wooden pole(The longer the pole, the more chances of snagging a ‘cut kite’, you see)

On hearing the bugle sound, a quick check would be done to see if there were any ‘overnight’ kites caught on the pole which would be kept vertically upright for this purpose. (How mean we were-sometimes it would snag people trying to fly kites from the houses which were lower in height and close to ours.ha)

A quick breakfast, and off to the terrace by 7 AM- it being the winter season, a sweater or two should have been in order, but no way- it hindered the prime act of kite catching. Flying a kite fresh, somehow was always lower on the priority list. Catching a cut kite which was already up in the sky was always a nicer(Read’ less exhausting) preposition. And, all those who’ve tried to fly a kite afresh, in light or no wind, will vouch for this.

Part III coming up very soon. There’s a reason for this short post, that will be revealed in the next post.


Lazy Pineapple said...

hmmm ye kya suspense hai bhai :) waiting for part 3.

austere said...

What is this, a teaser post??