Thursday, November 26, 2009


Ah-my first stay at a hotel in Dubai, albeit, for just one day and a little more. What happened is, I'd told my landlord that I was travelling between Dubai and India, and had even found him a new tenant to boot!(Otherwise they charge anything from between one to three months rent as a penalty for breaking a contract midway).. Well, the new tenant's documents got ready on Tuesday, and the landlord called me the same night. Luckily, I had received the Water and Electricity Department's 'final bill paid' receipt the same day, which is a pre-requisite for vacating a flat(I guess some people run away with months of unpaid bills and hence the rule).

I told him I'd hand over the keys of the flat the day I was leaving. And, he dropped the bombshell- NO! you stay in a hotel for a day. I want your keys tomorrow morning by 10 AM, I will get the flat checked by my man and then only I can refund your deposit(Which was the equivalent of Rs 12500/-)....Calm me lost my composure for an hour or so, specially since I'd been feeling feverish since the last two days and had been banking on today(Thursday)'s Eid holiday to finish the packing. Anyway, that really perked me up, in a way. I came to the Hotel
and did all the formalities for me to check in the next day morning.

Went home and began packing things left,right and centre into their bags. You cannot imagine how much stuff accumulates when you've been somewhere for eight years. LOL...and, this when I've already forwarded some of the required stuff home. Threw away four large plastic bags of ole stuff. Finally slept at midnight-but, guess what, the fever was gone....LOL...that's why I say 'whatever happens is for the best'. But read on, there's more to come. Again, at 0430 AM, I got up, boiled the hot water and added the condensed milk and tea bag in the mug(Now, that's another story altogether) and had a nice cuppa, even though I dislike what is called 'dip dip' out here. Then, back to unpacking, packing, throwing out....I guess I discarded another 5 bags of stuff-(And, all along I used to make fun of people who stash away stuff 'for future use'...hahaha)...finally, it was finished. By that time, it was 915 AM. I called a taxi, put the bags into it and went to the hotel and checked in. By that time, it was 10 AM, and off I went to the landlord, praying that all would go well.

And, it did!(But naturally! The Secret at work, again!!Believe me!)...I got my full deposit back, I got the PDC(Post dated cheque) for the Jan-Feb-March payment back...both things usually take 5 days minumum, as the landlord's son had told me earlier. Returned home feeling pretty fact, it was such a sense of relief that I got tense!It happpens sometimes,na!).

Returned to the Hotel at 12 noon. Again opened the bags, again threw out some more stuff(I am a perfectionist, as I'd mentioned earlier). Finally, it was all done!And, I was down to the number of bags I had in mind from the beginning. Great!

And now, the vehicle's come to pick me up. So, the next post will be from Baroda! More coming up very soon!!Cheerio and TC!


Lazy Pineapple said...

cool....yeah looks like The Secret is really working :)

Keshi said...

hows u Amit? :) Missed came around to check on ya.

TC n keep smiling

austere said...

All packed and done then. Good.Just mailed you.

Manju said...

oh i just hate packing!!!!!!!!!hate it so much so much so much! i have a terrible hoarding and shopping habit, so packing is so painful for me >_<

shooting star said...

well, the amount of stuff we accumulate and actually dont need is tremendous....and when we shift from one house to the other, it is then we realise!!
i threw away tons of stuff when shifting to new house......

Anonymous said...