Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hey from Dubai

Hey, there!!Time's been a-flying by..was missing blogs and blogging so, let me do some quick blog surfing and a blog post-ing as well today.

Been here since 10th..will leave on 26th...let me recount my usual funny encounters on way to/at Abad airport.

First comic scene was the taxi guy- he told me he got a heavy cold n cough the night before, hence he had brought a helper with him, and they kept getting into the driver's seat every 1/2 suspected he'd had a mite too much of something the previous day and the overhang,nee,hangover was affecting him!!Ah well, we reached safely, so all's well that ends well.

At the airport..finished the usual formalities,got the usual nice treatment Emirates flyers get v/s the Indian airlines flyers(Or,maybe that's my imagination,Sir!!), and went to sit in the usual 'observer' seat, close to the snacks shop(Where I always have a cuppa tea with a good puff(Puff as in veggie puff, don't look so amazed-I ain't going to begin puffing as in smoke anytime)...and, in the rows behind came a troop of Gujjus-from the US of A, visiting India,and off to visit Dubai in soon as they sat, out came the 'naashto' (snakes,nee,snacks), and the packets began to be passed around...with questions asked' chaalshe ne? Beejun kaink joiye?'(Will this do? Do you need anything else?)..and, the sound of phaphdas being crunched, besides maybe khakhra and chivda could be heard in the otherwise silent lounge.

Suddenly, talk veered around to how it was 'shnowing' in US..and, how the 'Maasi Ka Ladka' would find it difficult drive karva ma, in 'Boushton' - I nearly turned around grinning to ask 'is that Houston or Boston?', but restrained myself with great difficulty.

Then, it veered around to 'Dubai maa jovaani list chhe'?(Is there a list of sight-seeing places in Dubai?), and, expectedly(I love this one) , there was one researcher in the group, who had done a full list, apparently, and he said 'it's in the diary in the bag-baahar kaadhoon?'..and, the response with a chomp chomp was 'naa, ready chhe ne, to vaando nahin'.(No, if it's ready, it's fine)..:)

In the flight,(BTW my seat was the very last seat, for a change....was imagining those movies where the tail falls off, for a minute)... I grinned away remembering the comment Dreamz had made in a previous post, on people calling the stewardess a 'lariwalli'. And, honestly, they did seem like larriwallis/wallas, specially when they came out to sell the perfumes and the like! 

But, all said and done, I love the service with a smile policy on the faces of all the crew in Emirates..totally unique.

Oh, and, how can I forget the horror on people's faces, when the captain made the announcement at the beginning of the flight that no tea would be served(or coffee),due to bumpy weather on the way, that would pose a hazard if they were served). I guess they'd not had their day's morning cuppa, in anticipation of tea on the flight. (Smart me, I enjoyed it at the snacks counter, so, the flight tea's usually a bonus).

Ah, well- we had left 15 minutes early, and reached 20 minutes early, like last time, so I was able to go out, get refreshed at home and then go to work!!

Next part coming hour at the cybercafe is up!!:)Cheerio!!Will be around at the blogs I didn't visit yet, tomorrow!Take care.


Lazy Pineapple said...

arre must have not missed baroda with so many gujjus around :)
Have fun in Dubai and waiting for your next post.

mahshid said...

hahaa so had gr8 funa t airport then imust say welcum to india mr,u r almost a NRI,urslef ,,,but gud u dont hv attitude of usa NRI S, anyway hv fun and if it doesnt cost u much do sms me

austere said...

Imagine no chai!

Have a safe trip and don't work toooo hard.

Waisey you are doing what we call an "up-down trip"

Anonymous said...

Lariwaali :D

shooting star said...

the airport lounge scene must be fun, i get the same fun when similar things happen to me in my travels when group of bengalis(read a friends circle or a family) sit next to me(maybe in a restaurant or some other public place) and begin the typical routine!!
well, usually at restaurants, bengalis can be seen to ask for rice and fish (the macher jhol type!!)..doesnt matter which kind of restaurant!!
i think i also should write a post on my experiences!!

Poo said...

LOL at people being aghast at no chai, I have seen people get screaming mad when given no chai. But seriously, if they wanted chai so badly why not just have a cup at the airport?

I once took a flight on which we were served cold food, due to the microwave not working. Eww, I didn't eat anything except the strawberry mousse.