Saturday, October 31, 2009

There but not here

Sunday Midday
Bombay Times and the other supplement of Sunday Times
Hindustan Times
Asian Age
The Hindu
Deccan Chronicle
(though I didn't read these last two)

That's just a small list of papers that I could easily get in Dubai(thought not necessarily buy, of course, for reasons cited below) but, that draw blank stares from the newsstand vendors in Baroda. In fact, the TOI has come out with a new weekly paper, Crest,that I'm sure will be available in Dxb, but, the agent here again looked at me blankly when I asked him about it. Thank heavens for e-versions of these papers.

On to the circulating library. I haven't seen Society, Savvy, Health, Hello, Showtime, name a few on the library guy's stand here, and, used to get them easily there at the library.

So, what's the reason? Is it that people in my friendly city here don't read as much as they used to? Or, do they all read the e-versions since they're cheaper(I can't really agree to that, since the charm of reading a printed version can never be replaced by an e-version)?

On the flip side, I'm so glad we don't have to pay what we used to pay there for papers- for example, a month's home delivery of Times, costs Rs. 98/-, here in Baroda. In Dxb, just three days of TOI would cost that much. That's probably coz they avoid competition with their local papers, by ensuring all foreign papers cost the same (local papers cost AED 3 there) or less than foreign papers.

I wonder- do any of you out there face the same problems in your cities?

Till next time, cheerio!


austere said...

Scary... people don't read.

or they read Gujarat Samachar and Dainik Bhaskar.

Did you ever check for Mint and Business Standard?

Manju said...

we no longer buy the papers here at my place, we just read them online, except during the weekend since my dad likes to relax with the papers then ^^
p.s thanks for checking up on me, i do feel much better now :)

Arunima said...

"the charm of reading a printed version can never be replaced by an e-version"

so true. I have moved to DNA from Times.