Monday, October 26, 2009


(Note: Pic is from the net and only for reference)

Did I ever write here about the born salesmen we have in India? Although they are a limited few, they can still ensure that you buy what they want you to buy. Two of these people are fruit-sellers. The first one, I met last week. Was buying some guavas. And, they looked somewhat dirty, and, had some sort of notches on them. I told the guy that these did not look suitable, since they had these indentations. And, he says 'Arre, Saab- e to popat chaanch maare ne, etle Amrud mitthoo hoye. Jema chaanch naa maare, e mitthoo na hoye'. (Oh, Sir- when the parrot puts his beak to it, the guava is sweet, otherwise not). I did end up buying that one, and, really speaking, it was, that was a nice sale and a nice bargain for him and me.

The other fruit seller- I was buying apples- he was putting 1-2 pieces in the tarazoo(Yes, they still have that central balance with the weights on each side, one for putting weights, one for putting the fruits), and I told him that two looked 'naram'- and, the guy made an 'insulted' face and immediately cut a piece from one of them and said 'taste,taste, Sir'...ah well, that piece was good, at least..and, since he cut it, I did buy it. The rest were all tougher apples. Honestly, though, I did cut one tough apple and the one from which he'd given me a slice, and I didn't see much difference in sweetness. haha!I guess both are winners in this case.

More coming up in the next post.:)


Cynic in Wonderland said...

Yeah. know some of those. Can sweet talk you into buying anything.

austere said...

Shopping spree? :) shak- bhaji?

As such I think he's right.

Lazy Pineapple said...

u r really out of sync with should visit a saree shop with your wifey. just see what a killer sale those guys make :)

Media Junkie said...

yup. the only way to say no to those people is to leave your wallet at home. and even then, they'll try reeling you in with freebies.

shooting star said...

fruit sellers and vegetable vendors are way too clever....i have come to realise after marriage when i started buying grocies i try to go to the supermarket for these stuff!!

Arunima said...

aap india me waapis forever aagaye?