Thursday, October 01, 2009

Pleaze follow Ze Innstructions

I always get a nice laugh when I read the instructions on some products. This one is a gem:

The – brand EMZ is we company excogiate a new series products. Its use convenient and novelty shape. In order to easily for you to use it, please read following instructions carefully before using:

1. Product characteristics:

  1. Function: Kill mosquito or winged insect, and lighting.
  2. Battery :High capacity free maintain
  3. Charge voltage: AC220V/50 Hz, Work voltage: about 2200 V
  4. Have electrical source protect switch, much more security
  5. Bulb: 4.2V/0.2A

2. Usage Instructions:

a. Battery charge: Push the electric source switch to OFF direction, and push the plug perfectly in the socket of AC 220V/40 Az. And keep charging about 12 Hours that recharging direction light lighting.

b. Before make use of it for the first time, please charging about 2-8 hours

c. Kill mosquito method: Push the electric source switch to ON direction, press the middle button switch, the working direction light lighting, and the middle web have high voltage. Flap and touch mosquito, mosquito will be shoot down. Loosen button switch, working indicator light go out, the web without electricity.

d. Lighting method: put the electrical source switch to ON direction, and push the light underside control switch, make the light lighting or not.

e. Use time: when the battery is fully charged, if it be simply used for kill mosquito about 15 days while it be used for light can be lighted continuously about 3 hours.

3. Notice:

a. Don’t give children playing as a toy.

b. Don’t press switch and touch electroform web that charging.

c. Do not use it at areas where flammable gas or liquid is existed. Do not often use metal etc electric object strike fire in web.

d. When not use it, push the electric source switch to OFF position.

e. Can’t wash or scrub with wet washcloth. Dead mosquito on nets can be brushed off or shaken off.

f. Please charge it in time when the energy used up. Don’t use it when charging. The most charge time should be less than 24 hours. Charge it more than 8 hours every store three months if it do not be used for a long time . And place it at dry condition to guard it against damp.

Quality guarantee:

Power sources are guaranteed for three months from the date of purchase if any real quality problems occur with our products, but damages caused by incorrect operation are not included.

(Description of components in the photo)

- Electric hitting pad

- Head lamp switch

- Charge indicate light

- Electrial hitting indicator light

- Electric hitting switch button

- Electrical source switch

- Charge plug

Will catch up later. Go some more amusing stuff I came across, but, that comes in next post. And, oh yes, just three days to Oct 4!!!Whee!


austere said...


Yep, the countdown begins!

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Lazy Pineapple said...

hahhaha this is so funny...
Don't press switch and touching by hand.This will make you go meet your maker :P...this should be another instruction.

Ritu said...

They need to hire an Indian copywriter to do their writing... :-)

shooting star said...

really funny