Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morning Walk Experiences

'Hurrrrr Hattttt'- I heard this shout just in time, in between changing of the songs on my mp3 player, while I was on my morning walk. There I was, walking at my usual quick pace, the song'Dhan Te Nan'(Kaminey) had just ended and the next one was about to begin.

I turned around, thinking it was a familiar shout, and, what do I see? 5 mega(Read'fat') cows, in 1 ahead of 2 ahead of 3 formation, and the first one just beginning to run, so that in the next 30 seconds, it would hit me(They never think, do they? Jo raaste mein aaye, kuchal daalo- whoever comes in the path, trample them) followed by the others who, naturally were about to follow their leader. And, behind them was this cowherd on a bicycle, who had done the shouting(It wasn't to warn me, though..haha). I was just able to cross over to the other side of the road in time and save myself a visit to the hospital.(And, one cow actually followed me, but the cowherd herded it back in time)

That's just one of the interesting things I see/hear during my morning walks. Two days back, there was this guy near the paper stall, telling another one' Do you remember that white haired uncle who used to sit there and read the paper daily? Yesterday, he had an 'attack'(Gujju short form for heart attack), and his fuse blew there and then.(In Gujju, it sounded funnier,since it went' Emne attack aavyo ane tyaan ne tyaan fuse udhi gayo'). And, this other ole guy who was listening, went all serious and said' attack ni to maari saame vaat pan naa karo'(Don't even mention attacks in front of me).

Then, there was this lady in Sayaji Park last week- somewhat plump, and wearing a skin colour salwaar(The kameez was a different colour, before u ask out of curiosity). Since she was walking at a slower pace than me(Ahem-but naturally), but was at least 10 minutes ahead, I was able to grin away internally at the numerous oldies (And even youngsters) with bad eyesight(I assume), who thought she'd forgotten to wear something, and kept coming up close to verify....Oh God! The sight was too funny....then, she realized what was causing the attention distraction and quickly exited from the nearest gate.

It's been 15 days since I've been regularly visiting my favourite temple, and get at least one salute everyday. However, it's not just the salute- they say 'Jai, Shrimaan', now. And, one or two of them sometimes go into 'Saavdhaan' position and salute. I wonder if I should tell them that I'm just a devotee coming from the Mandir, and not one of their higher ups. Or, maybe they're so disciplined that they say Jai, Shrimaan to all wise-looking people?:)Ahem! Will try and walk in a slow and strolling manner tomorrow to see if that also gets a greeting? I'm sure it won't.

Ah yes- on days when I don't feel like going to Sayaji Park as part of my walk, I take the road-route...this goes from Fatehgunj t0 Rosary to Station Road to Sayajigunj to Sayaji Park(Only part of the route) and back home...and, on these days, it's a bit more of beneficial exercise, coz I have to keep changing my pace-do a small jump to avoid that bit of cowdung on the road, walk a bit faster to avoid that doggie following me(I still have to stamp my foot, to make them understand), that autorickshaw guy suddenly appearing from nowhere and sticking out his toe to indicate that he's going to turn sharply just in front of my foot.....oh, it's great have to be here and experience it yourself to understand!!:)...that gives me an idea for another game- The Pedestrian/Morning Walker in an Indian City.

And, oh yes-I did find a great broadband connection- it's the mobile broadband service of Tata Photon Plus- been more than a week since I'm using it, and it's running perfectly, giving a great speed.(Touchwood). And, the customer service desks at both places I visited, were also extremely helpful.

Till the next post, cheerio!! The next post will be soon, promise-not with a six day gap.(Ah well, Diwali ka week tha- and I'm in Baroda at Diwali time after 8 yrs, so, naturally....

Quote for the day: "You're about as useful as a one-legged man at an ars* kicking contest." - Rowan Atkinson.

Oh, yes-pictorial joke of the day:


Media Junkie said...

happy diwali! hope you had a good one.

Media Junkie said...
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Lazy Pineapple said...

Funny description....thank your lucky starts that the dogs have not started to chase you yet....they are much faster and determined than cows :)

austere said...

You made me homesick.

Great descriptions. particularly the cowherd and the fuse-off.



AmitL said...

Hi,MJ..thank you..Diwali was hometown after 8 yrs.:)
LP-haha-kripya nazar na lagaayein..but,someone did tell me that the dogs in our area are 'all bark and no bite', so I don't really worry.Touchwood.
Hi,Austy- arre,homesick?Baroda kahaan door hai..just board Baroda Exp and u're here in a jiffy.:)What did you mean by 'see!salute'?

shooting star said...

hey amit...hope ur diwali was real gud this time!!
ur cow incident brought back memories of a very vivid n exctiting incident of mine during my school days..and i think i wrote a post on it also quite some time backk!! also involved me running for my life to save myself from a herd of running cows on my way to school!!

Mona said...

hahaha love reading your posting, it's really funny ... you never know what you will see during your morning walk, don't you? :)

Amrita said...

u r enjoying india :) good

Arunima said...

I only run for my bus these days. Morning walks happened ages back. You must be really fit and fine with a toned body.