Monday, September 14, 2009


I hear so many interesting conversations,while having a mini-dinner(There's no other dinner after it,btw) at some of the restaurants here. And, not coz I want to-perish the thought!(hehe)But,coz people like to talk at such high frequencies that those around cannot help listening,unless they keep their fingers on,nee,in their ears or use earplugs!

Anyway,so,there was this girl and a guy. The guy(as usual) was doing just the listening,besides throwing his two bits when the girl asked him for an opinion besides a 'grunt'. It seems she's been seeing a boy since the last five years. They had some argument a year back, and she did not talk to him since. So, some 'snippets':

-I'm totally flexible. I can get married to any guy, and then break up and tell my parents if the marriage doesn't work out.

- You know, I haven't talked to him for a year. And, when he finally called(See,He called,not her!LOL), he said' I'll take my revenge on you for not talking to me for a year.'

- I can get married to him, for sure, but, I need his strength as well- he cannot just be a Mama's boy and not accept me if his parents tell him.

- Can you imagine,he was 24 then. Now,he's 29..he can see that the prime of his life(I think she meant prime period) is passed,er, passing.(It was said like that only)

- If it doesn't work out, I'll just tell my parents to find me an arranged match- I can't go through another love period again. I'm scared, but, I will go ahead with arranged match if my parents insist. What do you think?

(Finally the guy got to say a few words):' What's the problem with this guy? Do you still love him?'

- And, she came right back on track'yes,of course I do'.....and, the next round of rambling began. But, by this time, both the idlis and the mini cuppa tea had finished, so I paid and left,trying to look as nonchalent as I could and trying to avoid a sideways grin !:)

BTW,I just made a note to keep a mini-notepad and a pen with me in future, when I'm out of the house. You never know where inspiration could strike,na? This one was easy to remember, since it was a bit amusing!:)Here's wishing the lady gets to choose the best path for her future!


Media Junkie said...

the lady sounds pyscho.

AmitL said...

Hi,MJ-hehe!!I guess that's another word for confused.

austere said...

Poor girl.

I'm surprised you didn't burst out laughing.

AmitL said...

Austy,I've pretty good facial muscle control..But,admittedly, I was grinning inside.

shooting star said...

well..the conversations we hear in the public place...sometimes, they are so interesting that we ponder on the after maths of the happenings....
i have listened to some real interesting conversations between lovers while travelling in the metro!!

Arunima said...

sounds like many of my friends when we were in our early 20s. (embarrassed to say sounds like me)

Anonymous said...


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