Monday, September 14, 2009


Day 1: 6 PM. ‘There are 23 people in the list. If you want to come, it’s your choice’.

Day 2: 5 PM: ‘Token distribution begins at 430. Official time is 5’

Day 3: 430 PM: People crowding the counter, to get ahead of each other. Pushing, jostling. Feel sorry for the two people at the other side. Leave without waiting.

Day 4: No show.

Day 5: 8 AM. : Token no. 2.
9 AM : Starts.

Any guesses what this is all about? Answers coming up later in the day.
Answer: Posted: 16.09.09

That was me trying to get an appointment with the doctor at the clinic close to my house. I wanted to consult him for my recent frequent headaches.

Day 4 was his day off,and, by that time, my headaches had disappeared. Well,maybe that's one way to cure an illness-see oodles of people at the doctor's and think-my illness is nothing compared to this!!haha!But,all's well that ends well,and, I finally saw him, he gave me a five day course, told me not to take stress and just 'be cool'. How cool is that?:)
And,how cool is this? The views below are from our seventh floor flat at Baroda. I took them last time and forgot all about them!

(The gate to the EME entrance is at the turn of the road,in the above pic. From there,it's a five minutes walk to my favourite place, the EME Temple)

See why I can't wait to be back to the peace and quiet?


austere said...

A 95% off sale?

Media Junkie said...

school admission? i know it was that bad when i went to register at st. mary's.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-considering this is Dubai,that's a great guess-but,no,not this time!And,can you imagine me,with my phobia of crowds, standing in a queue for a sale?Perish the thought!:)
Hi,Misanthropist-great guess!But,no-it wasn't a school admission-there're much more than 23-24 people there..hehe!:)
I guess I'll wait till tomorrow to post the answers.:)

Kunjal said...

yes long queues area common sight at dr's place. Earlier it was considered that going to a private dr saves time as well as they do a detailed checkup. However with growing population even private clinics are not spared.

Zero said...

Hi amit,

Thank you for the interesting blogs. Do keep sharing your memories about Baroda/Vadodara
Best regards.