Thursday, August 06, 2009


"The cause of your unhappiness is within you. If you try to find it anywhere else, you’re looking in the wrong place."

"Replace each thought:

Ill-will with good will,

Hate with love,

Frown with a smile,

Nagging with praise

Tears with laughter,

Despair with hope,

Silent envy with generous congratulations."

"There is a power within us that can lift us to the heights- if you get rid of the thought of futility and self-pity."

The above lines are extracts from my Mom's diary, written by her in the year she passed away. The year we were all shell-shocked by the sudden turn of events. A day I cannot forget- the day,nee, night at 3 AM, when we reached the ICU and the Doc told me'Your mother is no more'. One of the most gentle people I ever knew, feeling for all, sympathetic towards all, wanting to help all. And,maybe that's why God needed her in Heaven,is what I told myself at that time and still tell myself even today.

Today, the sixth of August, used to be her birthday, a happy day, always! And, I just thought of sharing these thoughts from there. Thoughts that I copied and brought here after my last Baroda trip. For those interested, I'll continue them further in my Inspirations blog, on and off! I always wonder-were these thoughts meant to inspire the rest of us, were they to inspire her, herself?Did she have a premonition of the impending call from God?Sigh!

But, let me say- she would not want me or any of us to be sad or unhappy, thinking of her! So,to move over from my above sentimental thoughts, let me reproduce a joke that made me laugh out loud today, at work...a joke that would have made Mom laugh,too,I am sure!


You Must Be a Gujju If.........
- You have at least 1 relative in the stock market.
You're never worried about what happens if you get stranded in Ghatkopar (Mumbai). All you'd have to do, you know, is walk across the road and find a relative. (Still easier, just shout, "Mama! Masi! Faiba! Kaka!" a couple of times. At least one is bound to be around.)

- You don't worry about being stranded in New Jersey. You've been told by everyone that the thing to do at such a time is to open the telephone directory, turn to "Shah" and call any number for help.

You measure the success of a wedding by how many people praised the food.
- You believe Narendra Modi is the solution to everything. From your hair to the nation's defence .

- You understand that when someone says "Dhirajbhai no babo" or "Maniben ni baby", the "baba" and "baby" in question could be 40 years old.

You either think the garba is the coolest thing ever, or you wonder why the whole world makes such a big deal out of it.

- No packing for any trip is complete without thepla (Guju paratha).

- Winter = undhiyu.(peas and potatoes)
- Summer = keri no ras.(mango pulp)
- Monsoon = have su karvanoo?! kai na sujhe to bhajiya sutarwana ...

- You assume (in marital situations) that because Mara bhai na vevai ni dikri na sasu gave a recommendation, the person in question is virtue personified.

- You have no problems with love marriages. You just view them as a last resort, that's it.

You may not donate anything to the orphanage down the road, but when there's a calamity in Gujarat, you send truckloads of money, food and amenities.

- You feel a slight sense of pride in Ketan Parekh, no matter how much you hide it.
- You think the G-U-J-J-U sequence in Kal Ho Na Ho was rather cool, actually.

- You're so attuned to smiling and laughing for no reason at any given social occasions, that funerals become odd for you. (Non-Gujju funerals, that is. At Gujju funerals, everyone has the same problem,so they understand.)

- You know what "doodh cold drink" (pronounced doodh coal dreenk) is.
- Sunday mornings = Gathiya and jalebi.
- if you go on a picnic, everyone brings atleast 10 foods each, which
is bound to include dhokla, kachori, chewro, thepla, mathia, fafda and
maybe 3-4 different athanas and fried green chillies...

Take care and see you tomorrow! :)


austere said...

She lives on in you, Amit.

Yes, I agreed with each and every of these one-liners. So true.

Misanthropist said...

Your mom was definitely a deep thinker and her thoughts mentioned above are so inspiring.

And I'm a gujju too from mumbai! but i have no relatives in ghatkoper atleast not close ones or any that i'm aware of! ketan parekh.. i'll have to google him..
rest i completely agree with each and every clause of the above joke :P

shooting star said...

very true..the words ur mother wrote..and nice gujju jokes!!!

Arunima said...

hey, this is a very nice combi of two emotions. I seldom visit the other blog. Today, I did and reflected too.