Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tag:A handwritten post

I've so much to write about-so many things'noted down' as 'shortcuts'to remember what brainwaves(??) came to me at midnight,or while taking a bath, or while on my walk, about things I want to write about. Here goes the first one-a handwritten tag,courtesy, Austy!

I hope you were able to make out the writing in the tag above. Great fun!Thanks, Austy! Will tell you a secret after reading the comments that come in!:)


Keshi said...

hey Amit ur handwriting isnt all that bad! :) Its a really neat tag too.


love em :) where did they go now?

o Im dreading this tag cos my handwriting has gone mental since I started using the PC and thats been years now lol! I'll do it tho...but gimme a few days ok :) ur gonna see my handwriting? o no!!!!


austere said...

I didn't expect such neat handwriting- so clear.
Well- compared to mine, I mean. :))
And you're the only person I've known who ever owned a typewriter.
Aww. You'ce tagged me again!

Nandhini said...

Wow Amitji.. u really put some time in writing it didn't ya! :)

I have to agree that it looks like loads of fun and the most creative tag i've seen of Blogs...

Will surely take it up! :)

DiTtY said...

AmitL, I would love to do this tag! This seems like a lot of fun! :)

yamini meduri said...

beautiful one Amit...loved this tag...and thanks for letting me know bat it...will do it defly..!!!

and your handwritin isn't that bad yaar...but i feel you took a lot of time writing it...dint you??

Anonymous said...


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