Tuesday, August 25, 2009


How many ‘cult’ movies have you seen? Movies that created a trend when they were released? Here’s a list of those I never did get around to seeing, perhaps :

-Because I did not have the patience to stand in long queues. Yes, they did exist in the eighties and nineties. Have you ever experienced the fun of going to a movie hall and finding a board saying’ Balcony full’, or, just ‘House Full’?
There were some halls in Baroda where hardly 50% of the tickets used to be sold at the counter- everyone was busy making hay while the sun shone- and, in some cases, the counter used to open for 10 minutes only.
In such cases, we would know immediately that we had to visit the moongfaliwaala’s larri(groundnut sellers stall), or, the cycle/scooter parking area or the small restaurant snuggled away in the back of the theatre(depending on which theatre we were in) or just simply stand looking confused and disturbed till someone came shouting ‘paanch ka dus, dus ka bees’(Rs 5 ticket for Rs 10, Rs 10 ticket for Rs 20).
But then, every James Bond, Bruce Lee or Amitabh B movie, deserved even a standing and waiting till the next show, if one show was packed and tickets in black were too expensive. But,coming back to these cult movies,I never really felt the urge to see them if there was a queue/sold out board.OR

- I just did not want to see the movie(s) everyone was raving about. OR

- I read the review and did not find it appealing enough.

Now, the movies on the list of ‘not seen cult movies’:

-QSQT(Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak)
-Maine Pyar Kiya
-Love Story
-Hum Aapke Hain Kaun
-Slumdog Millionaire
-Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
-Karan Arjun
-Veer Zaara

All those who were shocked to see(that I did not see)any or all of the movies in the list, please raise your hand!And explain!!!:)(And,don't say'songs'-I love the songs in most of them,but,you don't need to see a movie to see it's songs,na!).
Thought for the day: Poetry often enters through the window of irrelevance. -- M. C. Richards
Thought 2 for the day:OMG, I completed six years of blogging on 23.08.2009. Here's the first post on rediffblogs.


austere said...

Congrats on your six years.

I haven't seen several of these..I went for years without seeing movies just like that.

shooting star said...

congrats on completing 6 years in blogville....
i have seen most of th movies listed either in theatres or on television...except aashiqui and karan arjun..the latter one i found too stupidic!!!...i mean the bits n portions i did get to see while switching channels!!