Monday, August 10, 2009

Memories of Dubai

Memories of Dubai:

Before I go back to Y2k2 memories of Dubai, I need to mention some kinds of people who’ll always remain on my mind, courtesy their ability to irritate me.

The Stare People: These people, while sitting, walking, seated in a car,etc have the peculiar of staring long and hard at my face. Sometimes I feel tempted to stick out my tongue at them but I haven’t done it so far. I do wonder what they’re thinking when they’re staring? (I’m no film star, so, definitely, it’s not my looks..LOL)Could it be that they are:
- Looking to see if I have more worries written on my face than they have? - Trying to judge whether I’m happy with my job, since they are miserable?
- Wondering if I’m their long lost cousin who got lost in the Kumbh Mela?(Well,I’ve never been there, so there!!)
- Wondering whether I’m from Kerala? (Many suppliers do bluntly ask that, either when they meet me or on the phone,btw, and seem disappointed that I’m not)

- Whether I'm leading a happy married life?
- Any other thoughts,people?

The fitness freaks: These people tend to suddenly begin following me when I’m on my fast walks, specially in Karama Garden or Zabeel Park.And, it’s not that they’ll pass me if I slow, Sir, if I slow down, they slow down and keep pace. That disturbs my concentration (I collect most of my thoughts on these walks, you see,with the music on and my mind on what happens/ed/will happen). If I slow down to do up my shoe lace, their shoe lace also seems to have mysteriously come undone.Find someone else to keep your pace, people. I’ve nearly given up walking in these gardens, and prefer to walk on the nice n clean pavements, around the periphery of Karama, which counts for a nice one hour walk. (People walking here, are too busy doing window shopping, you see)

The sit-opposite-me-at-a-restaurant-types: Just yesterday for example- this restaurant is empty, it has ten tables at least. And yet, just as I’m about to begin relishing my staple snack of idli, this guy comes and sits bang opposite, fills a glass of water, drinks it with a gurgle, and tells the waiter- ek chai laana. Then, he says, ek chhoti chai laana. Then, he goes, ek chhote glass mein chai laana.(Get me tea in a small glass) Arghhh!!And, you can imagine how he slurped it after that, I’m sure.

The sit-next-to-me-in-buses type: Same as restaurants- half the bus is empty, but, if I’m at the window seat, some nut has to come and sit right next to me. I wonder why? I’m quite sure of one reason. Namely, if the bus overturns/ catches fire/has an accident(Which I pray none of the buses ever have, here or in the rest of the world), he will be able to get out first. To these guys, I’d like to say- have you seen the huge windows of these buses? And, the part just at the top of the windows? There’s a little red hammer, so, in the rare of event of a calamity, I’ll be the one using the hammer and getting out first..hehehehe!

The follow-me-in-the-supermarket types: These people- the less said about them, the better. If I’m picking up a USB drive, they have to pick up one too and read what I’m reading. If I’m seeing the material of a cotton shirt by touching it, they also have to do it. One guy actually asked me- are you looking at these watches because you feel they’re guaranteed? I said ‘no, I’m just passing time’. Another time, I just jumped to the next section and stood observing the babies’ diaper’ section. That made that follower go off, finally. Since that did the trick, next time I’m going to observe the dog food section or even gaze at the sanitary napkins section, just to get them to go follow someone else.
I think, rather than any 'Dostanaish' thoughts, all these people have that age old problem of a lack of security, hence, anyone who seems more secure than them, needs to be 'checked out' to see what makes him or her tick.

Please note-except for the daily walks people, these are memories of 7 years. Sometimes, I do admit that I’m able to shop in peace. ROFL.


austere said...

They're trying to figure out which VIP you are. And strike up an acquaintance.

Too bad you've preempted the Dostana retort.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that they find you are gay?

AmitL said...

Hi,Anon-LOL-too late-I made the 'Dostanaish' point I said,it's mainly a lack of security out here that's the cause..and,it's visible from the worry lines on their faces...haven't seen any of these people smiling, till fact,I haven't mentioned how the guys walk next to/behind gals or stare at them,yet..that's coming up in the next post or,slightly later.

abhay said...

Hi,amit it is nice to see your blogs. I frankly saw it first time. I know you writing in New papers over here in India...... But cool.... Well regarding the experience you have in Dubai,,,... In my opinion you must check up who the guy was.... Hope u understand what I mean....... he must be m ba ri......HA ha ha ha so just do not worry and think about this just chill out as usual....will definately catch you on your blogs. It looks to me we can cathc you over here only.....

Media Junkie said...

perhaps you're surrounded by sheeple. baaaaaaah!