Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Memorable Movies

I was watching ‘The Great Gambler’ yesterday evening, in my bid to relax my mind. The movie brought back some fun memories from when it was released.

Firstly, it was the only movie that I went to see, walking backwards into the hall from the exit door. Why? Well, when it was released, it was given an ‘A’ certificate, and both me and the friend who’d gone with me, were turned away by the doorman at Natraj Talkies(Austy, you know this hall? One of the ole ones), saying we were underage. (After this experience, I grew a small moustache, and, I was the only one allowed in to see’The Blue Lagoon’ released after TGG.). After pleading with him that we were fans of Big B(this friend even used to keep his hairstyle like the Big B, hair covering the ears and all, which was a craze back then), we finally decided that we HAD to see the movie, so, we waited till the previous show was over and people were walking out of the exit. Then, since the exit doors are usually left open for 10-15 minutes to get rid of the last people who stroll out, we coolly went inside and took our seats.

While watching the movie today, I was wondering what had made it get an ‘A’ certificate? There was one scene of Zeenat A in a bikini and, of course, her trademark tantalizing cleavage revealing dresses. There was a belly dance (in Cairo)for a few minutes. Besides this, the rest of the movie was just what a ‘masala’ movie is all about, albeit shot in picturesque Lisbon, Rome, Goa, Cairo to name a few of the places. And, of course, the thrill of the usher coming in with his torch each time made us flinch and hide our face, lest he catch us and throw us out.

The songs from the movie are also evergreen, ‘different’ ones, unlike the P.T. exercise routines many of today’s songs are. One was in a gondola(‘Do Lafzon ki hai dil ki kahani…’ ) with a gondolier singing part of the song as well.

I’m sure, if it were released today, it would be given a ‘U++’ certificate (Kids and infants permitted)

The story: The story’s also pretty interesting(for those times), for those who’ve not seen the movie. Big B has a twin role. One role has him playing the police officer. The other- how astute of you- you guessed it- the other role is of a gambler- a great gambler, in fact, as the title says, since he never loses at gambling and all due to good luck.

The villains are after a top secret invention of the government(a la James Bond movies), so, naturally, someone has to be bribed to get copies of the plan. And, then, he has to be killed so that he does not reveal who he gave the plans to.

And, since Big B has a double role, there has to be some confusion, specially with their two sweethearts. And, there is. And, since the main villain is Utpal Dutt, there has to be some unique humorous thing he does when angry- and there is(he hums a small tune each time).
And, since it’s Big B, there has to be an ultimate fight(besides the chhota mota fights throughout) where he, nee, the twins bash up two dozen goons. And, they do.
And, during the fight, the guns have to switch from hero to villain to hero …and they do.
And, the hero and heroine, in plural, have to live happily ever after. And they did !:)

Conclusive thoughts:

- Why don't they re-release these old movies in halls anymore?The fun is lost when you watch on DVD.

- Movie viewing in those days was more fun!
Joke for the day: Confucius Says, "I'm not attracted by a girl's mind ... But by what she doesn't mind."


austere said...

Yep, I know Natraj. near the ST bus station, on the corner there.

Thanks for the smile your review's brought me.

shooting star said...

hmmm....i have seen the songs..and i really like zeenat aman in those dresses...will definitely watch the movie on dvd

Mona said...

Glad that I can read your blog again :) I am not sure what I was doing that I stop blogging and reading blogs. I miss those old times when I still blog, have a lot of stories and meet a lot of friends through blog world :) Anyway .. I never can watch Big B old movies :P I like Rishi Kapoor's movies though :)

Mona said...
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Keshi said...

Amit just give me some time...I'll take a break and come bak ok? :) u know me.

tnxx for u'standing!

TC n keep writing!

Poo said...

Wow I didn't know this movie had a A certificate. Seriously why? I haven't seen this one in a long long time and that too only once. Your review makes me want to watch it once more.