Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday

Happy Monday,everyone. How was your weekend?My weekend(Fri-Sat, of course) went off pretty well, with doses of 'Everybody loves Raymond', 'Mad Men',' Seinfeld' thrown in, besides, of course,the traditional 2-3 hrs walks in the sultry weather. Let's see now:

- New sign noticed during the walks:
" 5 males and 5 females
Flat in Bur Dubai"
(I almost thought it was a newsreport on some vehicle running over some unfortunate people)
- Ad in today's paper:

"Would you like to send something to your Dears and Nears?"
Saturday, I decided to do away with all my inner arguments and went off to see a movie after quite some time. There were two choices at Lamcy Cinema- Kaminey and Life Partner. Obviously,me being me, I picked the comedy, i.e. Life Partner'. And, no regrets. There were just 10 people in the hall, it being a working day for some, and too early to rise(10 AM show) for the others, I guess.

The movie, set in lovely Cape Town looks, albeit in a comic way, at the age-ole debate of arranged v/s love marriages. Fardeen Khan and Genelia play the 'love marriage' couple, while Tusshar Kapoor(playing a Gujjubhai from a traditional joint family) and Prachi Desai play the 'arranged marriage' couple, settled in a joint family.
Govinda plays a divorce lawyer, a master at stoking the flames at the smallest of arguments between any couples, so that his business keeps booming. How the initially-in-love couple separate after some months and how they come back together in the end, forms the gist of the movie.
My favourite part of the movie-Govinda in his inimitable style, saying' Mera Man Hi Kuch Aisa Hai'(My mind is like this only). Genelia's bubbly character continuing from 'Jaane Tu...', Prachi's 1000 watt dimpled smile, Fardeen's in-love-but-bugged character and Tusshar's 'I'm-Daddy's-follower' role managed to keep me seated till the end.
(Though,I'm sure, many will not find this movie that much of a TP).
Some of the songs are foot-tappers, specially Genelia's first singing career song.(She changes careers at the drop of a hat).
And, oh yes,seeing Vishwamitri station(which is one station away from Baroda) and hearing Baroda mentioned in the movie(If you see it, you tell me when it's mentioned- a test of whether you watch a movie with interest..haha) made me smile.:)

Off to work now! Take care,all!Till the next post!:)

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austere said...

You've made me think kindly of that movie just because of Vishwamitri stn. :)