Thursday, July 09, 2009

Trip-Last Part:Good ole Baroda

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Thought for the day:

When you are successful
Your well wishers know who you are
When you are unsuccessful
You know who your well wishers are
.............................. ..............
Another thought:
Falling down is not defeat...
Defeat is when you refuse to get up...

I always wax eloquent about Baroda and each time I visit there, so, this time I’ll quickly skim through the details of the visit- the highlights, so to speak:

- Getting up at 5-515 AM, going to the EME Temple for the morning prayers.
What was interesting one day, was seeing the Panditji (priest) in spotless white jogging shorts and T-shirt. On this day, even though I (like the others) reached at 0535 AM, the prayers were midway already. After they ended, the Panditji came and said’ from today we will have prayers at 515 instead of 545, because the HQ feels that people involved in religious activity also have to be fit and fine. So, he would be going for morning exercises right after the prayers and learning how to shoot, as well.

How cool is that?
BTW, Austy, I managed to get at least one(maximum three) salutes from rookies each time I was leaving from there..haha.
- Going for a walk after the prayers, stopping at my regular chai ki larri(tea stall) on the way for the ‘special masala tea’, with adrak and all. One day he asked me why I come only for a few days then no visits for a lot of days. When I told him I stay in Dubai, he was suitably impressed- and the tea rate went up one rupee the next day. LOL.

- The walks in the park were great as ever, even though it was somewhat humid. I did take some pics. And, yes, I finally decided to try out the concoction the guy outside gives, nee, sells , just outside the park, in teeny steel glasses. I tried the ‘pancharatna’, which was a mix of juices of adrak, tulsi, and three other things. The first day, it tasted Ugh, but made me feel pretty good later.(Why is it that things that are good for you are always tasteless or of horrible taste?). So, that’s something I’ll surely make a regular routine once I’m back in Baroda.
- Visiting my city haunts. First was the good ole watch repairer, who’s shop is in our hereditary home(not ours, now). He repaired both my watches for a sum of just Rs. 20/-. Out here, they charge 5 dirhams(65 bucks)to just check a watch and then the balance are repair charges.

Next was Canara Coffee House, which is that quaint ole place where you still get idlis for Rs 10/-, but, more famous is their Poona Misal(Sprouts with onion, sev, et al) for just Rs. 15/-. Amazing.

Next was Gurudev, which, like it’s name, is closed on Guruvaar(Thursdays)..another place maintaining it’s prices for South Indian food.

Next was Samrat IceCream, where I always forget my diet and take a Full Cold Drink with Icecream, Vanilla. It’s probably the only icecream I cannot resist, even with a diet going on. A must-try for all Baroda visitors. Of course, I walked an extra half hour those evenings, to take care of the extra kilo-ries.

Visiting this new place in Alkapuri, called ‘Varie-Tea’. They have all kinds of tea being served, besides other things. And, I naturally took the ‘matki chai’. Nice taste, naturally- nice price,too- 35 bucks.hehe..but, once in a while, sab chalta hai, I guess. And, India’s also reaching international levels, so why not for tea? Everyone else took something different- from Cold Coffee to hot chocolate, etc.
- The visit to that haunt for book-lovers, Crossword bookshop. You can browse in peace, no pesky salesmen pestering you to decide, have a cuppa tea/coffee(Not this time, though, it was under renovation-that means, changed management. Since The Taj pastry shop, will have become Café Coffee Day by the time I visit next.

- The equally interesting haunt near the station, the Agarwal bookshop guy who still gives me 10% discount on any books/mags I buy and accommodates me 10/12 days visits by reducing the monthly reading charges.

- The two larri-based booksellers who sell copied or second-hand versions of famous books for less than 100 bucks. I got 5 copies of ‘The Secret’(Post on that coming up later) for people in India and here.(even though I have it’s pdf version for IT-literate people who don’t mind reading books on PC monitors)
I also visited 7 Seas Mall in Fatehgunj, checked out some empty shops, imagined how a BookShop would look.(remember my plans) and flourish there. (‘thoughts become things’…quote for that moment)
- Day of return- Ahmedabad airport. Like last time, I entered the check-in area early, and was able to observe the people coming in for a security check, and, like last time, I wasn’t disappointed. Like seeing the guy who couldn’t help feeling tickled when the security guy frisked him. Like the rotund guy in whose case the security guy lifted his shirt to see what metal was on him, and found that it was the buckle, and, it was, well, quite unreachable due to the guy’s girth. The rest was a pleasant journey back, with nice memories. (Nah, no Business Class this time. Not enough luggage to justify to myself, you see. LOL).
Heard of 3D ads? Well, they’ve begun making their mark. See this link. And, see the youtube video below, of how they’ll fool people with both eyes operational.

Coming up in the next post-’s a secret.


austere said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the salute.

And the 7 Seas niche.


Keshi said...

ur trips to Baroda r always bring some exciting and amusing posts to read Amit :)

**Falling down is not defeat...
Defeat is when you refuse to get up...

I agree...right now Im goin thru such a phase in life but I refuse to be defeated..

ty n Tc

Lazy Pineapple said...

cool real cool :) I always get so jealous whenever I read of your trips back home heheh...

rajatmom said...

hi, amit, interesting read! mundane things sound interesting here! your bookshop plans? come to our place, i'll show you..there is a thriving book cum DVD library, and its a much more sensible proposition, than to simply have a bookstore.. why not think with the head as well as the heart?

Poo said...

Sounds really nice, all the things sound lovely. Baroda..the food, the tea and the ice-cream sounds the best. you should totally start your own bookstore, it will be amazing I am sure plus it will be the perfect workplace for you:) and just think how cheap you'll get all the mags for...

Tickled pink said...

Hey Amit
Sorry, I am late in being a part of this last trip.
There was a constant smile on my face while I was perusing this post and yes some laughter too when I read the panditjee para and the last para.
I am still smiling. I enjoyed the journey.
take care.