Sunday, July 26, 2009

Laugh of the day

I wonder whether you got this one some time back via email? And,maybe I posted it earlier?I'm not sure..the quip for this is' Know why Sachin is known as a thorough gentleman?'

And, Cyn-this one's for you-I'm sure you won't find this one 'MCPesque'...hehe!!Just kidding..hope u all have a good laugh.

And,in the meantime, let me enjoy the last day at work before the weekend,tomorrow,so that I can be fresh and ready to post,tomorrow evening or The Day After.

BTW, did you read this headline in one of our Indian papers-it says:

CAT to be taken by mouse now, not pen.

More views on that later.Cheerio!!


Keshi said...

That look on Sachin's face kinda tells me that he just cudnt avoid it but pretended he did LOL!

Enjoy ur wknd!


AmitL said...

ROFL-Keshi,I looked at the pic again,and, I think you're right-he's got the look of the cat that got the mouse first and is then look serenely happy!!:)

austere said...


Arunima said...

ha ha ha. I have seen the pic but the comic strip was too much. :-) I have heard the other version, which happens between guys.

Khamakha said...

lol...hilarious yet again