Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Monday

A nice weekend..and,for a change, our first day at work is a Monday, like the rest of the world outside the Gulf. (And, of course,it'll end a day earlier, on Thursday..haha)

Are you looking for a way to lose weight? Kya aap motaape se pareshaan hain?( Don't I sound just like one of those TV shoppe ads??grin grin)

Want to shed those extra pounds? There's a simple solution, as I found out- in the current Dubai weather of 43 deg C+ and @ 70% or more humidity , you only need to don your Tees and jogging trousers/shorts (anything less is not permitted, except on the beach) and go out for half an hour. Or more, if you don't feel dizzy by then. You'll lose at least half a kg of weight. Come back, change, go out again for another half hour or maybe one hour, after, of course a nice drink of water to keep the water levels in the body normal. Good idea,huh? Trust me to find an optimistic side to even such weather. Well, there's just about a month or two to go before the weather reverts to the good ole weather(usually by Sep), so I'd better make the most of the situation!!:)

What else happened these three days? Watched a few of the good ole Laurel & Hardy classics. It's amazing- in these days of Seinfeld and According to Jim, the antics of these two comedians still remain supreme laugh-raisers. However, I've not been able to find one that I always found really funny-in that one, our heroes are travelling in a train, and like true blue Brits, they must change their clothes to night dresses, even though they only have one berth allotted to them. So, imagine the scene the whole night while they're changing. When they finally get a second to sleep, the guard shouts that their station has come. Anyone know which movie this is?(Or, maybe I'll just google it.LOL).

Fun-time now:
Little Johnny was talking to a friend, complaining about his Mom. He said "My mother is mean and short-tempered. I think she is going through her mental pause."
Santa and Banta fly to the south sea islands to study the natives. They go to two adjacent islands and set to work. A few months later Santa takes a boat over to the other island to see how Banta is doing. When he gets there, he finds Banta standing among a group of natives.

"Greetings! How is it going?" says Santa.
"Wonderful!" says Banta, "I have discovered an important fact about the local language! Watch!"
He points at a palm tree and says, "What is that?"
The natives, in unison, say, "Umbalo-gong!"

He then points at a rock and says, "And that?"
The natives again intone, "Umbalo-gong!"
"You see!", says the beaming Banta, "They use the SAME word for 'rock' and for 'palm tree'!"
"That is truly amazing!" says the astonished Santa, "On the other island, the same word means 'index finger'!"


And,ohh,yes,I plan to be much more regular in posting, now.Just realized that it's six days since the last post. So, help me keep my resolve.:)


austere said...

A good week ahead!

Seen Stuart Little II?

Strongly recommended.

Keshi said...

just going out for 1/2hr? wud that help to lose weight Amit? :)

u seem to enjoy comedies alot, just like me :)

LOL @Santa-Banta jokes! I just love em!


Tickled pink said...

Hi Amit

Well whenever I take walk... I get tired... I come back home and go to sleep...and at the temperature and humidity you are suggesting....I don't know ...I won't dare even if I keep gaining flabs..ha..ha.
Well interesting read.pls mention that Hardy classic.
enjoyed the jokes.

Well I would've loved to help you keep your resolve but I am dissappearing for some time.The reason you'll find on my new post.
take care

austere said...

You've been tagged!