Thursday, July 02, 2009

Good ole H2O

Thought for the day:: Every decision you make - every decision - is not a decision about what to do. It's a decision about Who You Are. When you see this, when you understand it, everything changes. You begin to see life in a new way. All events, occurrences, and situations turn into opportunities to do what you came here to do.
Neale Donald Walsch

- Would you buy a bottle of water for AED 250/-( @Rs 3250/-), even if it was crystal encrusted? Even I contributed my two bits to the article(See comment by ‘ayeayeal’) . Some of the other comments were very interesting.

What do you think? Are such status symbols worth it? The brand even has a 10000 Swarovski crystals encrusted bottle for those interested, costing just AED 15000/(Rs. 1,95,000/-).

I can imagine some of hoipolloi in our part of the world as well, having a kiddy, nee, kitty party(not much difference) and saying ‘Beta, zara woh do lakh waali paani ki bottle to laana’. (Son, could you bring that Rs 2 lakhs bottle of water?)
The trip posts continue next time. Till then, cheerio!

Oh, here's another quote for the day:Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose…..Lyndon B. Johnson


Lazy Pineapple said...

this is the height of consumerism...ouch it even hurt to read the article.Really good comment by you amit...

Keshi said...

Good quotes there, both of em.

Im usually not the one who falls for stupid Marketing gimmicks. I can safely say Im SANE in that aspect of life lol!


AmitL said...

Hi,LP..:)Well,yes,it was a height,but,this was just one of the status symbols we see around here.:)
Hi,Keshi..yep,I liked both quotes,too..and,you're like me- I'm also 'safely sane' where falling for such marketing gimmicks are concerned.

Alka said...

Hey Ram!!!!

Lazy Pineapple said...

I have sent you a chat invite on I hope the id is correct. Please confirm.

Tickled pink said...

O my!such sky high rates!! very nicely exposed.
very inspirational quotes.
Thanks a lot for dropping by.
take care.

Tickled pink said...

Thanks Amit for leaving such a nice comment on my page.looking forward to more of your experiences of the trip and lovely quotes.

austere said...

Water guzzlers like me would go bankrupt! :)

Dunno. Yday I paid too much for an external hard drive. Marketing spiel wins.

Arunima said...

but today and esp now, is my time to work. see ya later. :-)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

there is an article on this somewhere - on this and other ridiculously priced stuff - designer toilet paper. i kid you not. retailed at some obnoxious amount of money.

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