Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trip part 3: Day 1 in Goa

Hope is like a road in the country; there wasn't ever a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence....Lin Yutang

To continue from the last ‘Trip post’, there we were, enjoying the Goan greenery whilst on the way to the hotel, nee, resort. (Thanks to google, I’d already checked that it was about 10 kms from Madgaon Station, etc).

Finally, we pulled into the Resort(Incidentally, it’s name is The Resort, by Zuri. Here’re some links for it: 1 2. The best description( for those who want to read more) I could find was right here.

As soon as we alighted, we saw a group of people at the entrance and a band began playing- I thought that the groom’s party was right behind us, hence the band baaza and so, quickly moved to the side. But, it wasn’t so- the band was for us, as it was for all the guests at the wedding. And that was just a taste of things to come. It was quite a thrill to see so many relatives-cousins, Uncles, et al, after ages(Ages= minimum 7.5 years, which is the period since which I’ve been in Dubai. Add: More years to when I last saw them.).

Well, we went in, exchanged pleasantries, our bags were given tag numbers, and a smiling guy took us to our room 314- they even had a golf cart to transport you to your area, but, we didn’t use it and preferred the scenic route- there was a swimming pool, lots of greenery and some lovely fountains on the way.

The room was like a furnished luxurious 1 BHK- a fairly nice drawing room with a 32”plasma TV on the wall, soft lighting, a safe to keep your valuables, blah blah. Have a look at the pic.

A quick freshening up and we went down for breakfast. Someone said that there was a Goa tour arranged in ½ hr and so we rushed right through the multi-cuisine breakfast which had everything from Idlis to poha to juices to cakes to toast(The pics I upload later this week will justify what I’m saying. Ahem!). So, we finished and off we went to join the tour bus.

A few minutes after we left, it began raining…and, the first surprise- the Resort had arranged for an A/C leaky bus- which had water streaming in from the sides and even ready-made rain from the ceiling. It had me wondering whether this is what the ads mean when they say ‘Enjoy Goa in the rains’.

However, there were just six-seven people who’d come in for the tour, so, we were able to select the dry seats. *smile, smile*-when you’re in a lovely place like Goa, such trivial problems don’t really matter.

Well, we reached the first Church, rather, the location for both Churches was in the same area and only three people(me included) were in the mood to walk in the drizzle to the Church. So, off we went- again, both these places need photos to do them justice.

The evening dinner was at the other location of The Resort-White Sands, where the groom’s side were staying. An entertaining evening of live performances of songs, dances from both sides and it was time for dinner and a return to our hotel. (It was still raining, btw).

And that was day 1 in Goa. Day 2 coming up shortly.


Lazy Pineapple said...

I love Goa!!! ive been there once and totally loved it :)

austere said...

Sounds lovely- this resort.

Where are the pics but?

This is that Dom something church. v stately?

Keshi said...

I've heard so much abt Goa but never been there :(

So u really went to a resort...it's not just a flatmate thing then? NICE ;-)

Raining? did that spoil it tho?


AmitL said...

Hi,LP- yep,the place does make you fall in love with it..same happened with me,too..loved all the greenery,the peaceful surrounds..
Hi,Austy-yes,it was lovely- and,hey,those are pics I've taken..:)More coming up..
Yes,that's the church you mentioned-very famous.
Hi,Keshi-heyyy..u'll go there one of these days,I'm sure..:)
ROFL-u thought the resort part was a flatmate thingy..hehehe..
Rains?Nooo-they added to the charm of the place,frankly,specially for someone like me who has hardly seen much rains these last 7 yrs in Dxb.

Arunima said...

aha, toh shaadi mein bahut dance kiya?