Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Of Goa and Resorts and Beaches: Part II

Hi,all!Back to pavilion, nee, back to Dubai! Returned on 20th morning! Caught up on work backlog, et al. And today, after a nice 10 hours of sleep, I feel pretty normal. Ahem!

So, let's go back! Part II of the trip. We went from Baroda to Mumbai by my favourite train, Baroda Express- many's the time I've travelled by this train, and very rarely is it late at either end. Reached Mumbai at the bright hour of 4 AM, took a local to Andheri and the rest of the day just flew by. Left for VT at 8, to catch the train for Goa- Madgaon to be precise. While at VT station, I felt a bit tense, just imagining the situation back in November when there was an attack here. Seeing the crowd at the place, I could imagine the commotion that must have ensued when the first bullets came roaring in. (Sigh!Wonder why anyone would want to reduce another person's life expectancy which is as such pretty small?). Well, our train finally rolled into the platform and soon rolled out of it!!(I don't want to elaborate the usual luggage thingies)

After another pleasant journey(Note: This was my third travelling night- first Dubai to Abad to Baroda, then, Baroda to Mumbai and then Mumbai to Madgaon), we reached Goa by 9 AM. The Hotel had arranged for a pickup for all the guests coming for the wedding, so we also went and stood outside the platform where the resort's guy with a placard in hand was standing. Our number came and we were soon on the way to the resort. On the way, I couldn't help marvelling at the immense greenery all around us. Almost reminiscent of our Kerala trip. It didn't seem like a crowded place, either.(*PS- I noted this down as one more retirement option- so, it's now Baroda, Pune, Matheran, Kodai, Madgaon*..LOL...though, I know it'll finally be Baroda only).

More coming up very soon...how we reached the resort, the band, the resort itself, etc. Have yet to sort out and upload the snaps..will do so pretty soon!

Thought for the day:
Cheerfulness can make any face look beautiful. It is an inexpensive way to improve your looks!

Joke for the day:
The young Swedish-American couple, having the same last names, went to the marriage license bureau. The clerk began to fill out the license
form. "Your name?" he asked the prospective bride-groom. "Ole Yonson."
"And your name?" the clerk asked the bride-to-be. "Hilda Yonson." "Any
relation?" asked the clerk. "Yust vunce," Hilda blushed. "Ve couldn't

Till next time, keep smiling!


austere said...

Matheran would be terrific. So would Goa.

Did you check out Calangute?

And that book shop called Literati?

Amitav Ghosh lives in Goa.

Lazy Pineapple said...

Hmmm Did you have a ride on the horse in Matheran?? and Lie on the beach with Beer in your hand in Goa?? I wannnaaaaa go tooo...am so J of you.Good to see you back.

Alka said...

How did you find the place? Is it overcrowded? Post some snaps. Do you have a facebook account?

Keshi said...

I so wanna go see Kerala some day. Sounds like u had alot of fun Amit. :)

Cheerfulness indeed is the best, the cheapest, the most natural and the healthiest MAKEUP ever!


Poo said...

Goa sounds lovely as always. Put up the pics:))) Soon!!! Goa sounds fabulous post-retirement, actually to me it sounds pretty amazing all round. I can't wait to head back. Maybe in the rains:)

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