Friday, May 29, 2009

Pigeons and Gaathiyas

What do you think some pigeons love to eat out here? Grains? Rice? Murmura(puffed rice)? Ah well, you're sooo wrong. They love to eat gaathiya. 

Now, for those not 'in the know' about Gujarati snakes(read'snacks'), gaathiyas are lil long yellow pieces of fried besan-based snacks, forming a staple food(If you can call anything fried by that name) for many in my favourite Baroda and other places. See how to make them, right at this place, which,obviously, I googled for.

Alongwith jalebi,phaphda,gota,bhajiya,etc...haha!But,that's a post for another day.So, let's go to the pigeons. I observed this on a number of weekends(Fri-Sat) during my walk- outside this Gujju restaurant, there are two square zones where tree saplings are supposed to be planted.

But, as of now, one of them has grains scattered on it, of course, for the pigeons. The other has gaathiyas, at the bright and early hour of 730 AM or so. The first time, hardly 2-3 pigeons were busy nibbling at the grains(probably those who're on a diet, like me) when I neared the restaurant(the same one where I sometimes stop for masala tea). I took a small cuppa tea, and, was sipping it, lost in my own thoughts, when this guy from the restaurant scattered some gaathiyas on the other plant zone. And, would you believe it-at least two dozen pigeons materialized from nowhere and swooped down on it. Some gaathiyas fell on the three steps leading down to the pavement and the smart, experienced ones happily went to these rather than shop,err, eat in a crowd(Just like me, again). By the time I finished my tea, the gaathiyas were finished and the pigeons still didn't go, probably waiting for a second helping, and the guy obliged....the process continued, the same rush to grab a bite.

As an aside thought-I wonder- do pigeons get flatulence after eating these gaathiyas, just like humans do? Haha-can just about picture the scene, with the female pigeon telling the male' aaj kya khaa ke aaye ho?', when he lets off some phat phats.

Another funny noting, from my walks- the funny ads continue:

To Let:
AED 3000 only.
Bachelors and family
Now, I wonder if the situation is so desperate that people are renting out people?LOL.

Joke for the day:
Lady1: I was scared at first. It was very wide, and very long, and it angled straight up. I decided I had to try it once. I slowly and carefully eased myself onto it. It felt weird at first. Then I got used to it. I went up and down, and up and down on it. I was really loving it. 
Lady 2: (Excited): go on, go on.
Lady 1: Now I ride on escalators all the time.

Till next time,keep smiling!


Aquarius said...

amit I just pictured the male pigeon with flatulence :) you and your imagination. very humorous post hahah

Poo said...

All I can say is the pigeons have good taste. Why choose grains when you can have gathiya? Very cool indeed:)

yamini meduri said...

hahahaha...funny post Amit..!!!

D said...

Soo vaath kare chhe? :P

Ghaatiya and hot chai is AMAZING!!!

austere said...


Good to see the mood is on happy again.

Do you think they'd care for khaman dhokla?

Curious said...

hahahahah amit ji.. Birds in this land sure do some real starnge stuff... :D

Btw..i read that as gatiya :P :P

Kunjal said...

gathiya is my favourite too!!!I love eating them with pappaya salad:)

Keshi said...

A pigeon with flatulence? LOL too funny!

**To Let:
AED 3000 only.
Bachelors and family

Can someone tell me WTH these ppl r LETTING????!!!!