Thursday, April 02, 2009


Thought for the day:How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.....-- Benjamin Disraeli,

"Do you know, S got a new Pajero?"
"Oh!Let's go check it out tomorrow"

"(In a car): That's the new Mitsubishi model going by. There's hardly one or two in Dubai.It's got a....and a ....."

" Is that a new phone? which model? What are it's specialities?"
" Oh,yes..this is the new Nokia.....Price.....It's got __ GB memory,GPS and email and blah blah blah"
"But,you got a new one just a few months back?"
"Yes,but, I got tired of it"

"How's the share market?"
" I the recent slide, but, earlier I'd made......blah know, this share of.....Co...."
"Oh yes...that and the shares of .......will remain steady...blah blah"

"Hey,is that a genuine watch?"
"Of course...I got it from..... for......."

And,that, friends, is why I avoid parties and get-togethers....discussions get so materialistic that I can't stifle my yawns! Not that I grudge these people their conversations,of course- to each his or her own!

Now, imagine this conversation:
"Hey, nice new look to your blog"
"You liked it? But, do check out Poo's new template's great"
"Yes I did...and, aren't you thrilled that Keshi's returned to blogging?"
"Oh,yes. And,  did you see Austy's post on sixsentences?"
"Yes- wouldn't have missed it for anything. And, did you see Cyn's latest post?I couldn't help smiling throughout"
"Indeed I did- and, how about Arunima's descriptions of life? Amazing, na?"
"Oh,wow...yes they are...and, how about Aquarius? Her posts almost make me wish I was a Lancaster resident-such a nice  peaceful place it seems to be"
"I agree....and.....don't you feel.....writes really well?"

....conversation lasts for 3-4 hours.

And,how about this one:
"Heyyy...I saw your letter in Filmfare...good going, pal."
"Arre, look who's talking- I liked your letter to India Today...that was telling it like it is,to our political arena players,indeed. And,I thoroughly enjoyed your quip of an answer on Open Space last week."
"Really?You noticed that?I didn't think too many people would notice it."

....conversation lasts for 1-2 hours.

Back to reality,man!! As you guessed, the above two conversations are hypothetical.But, they're just the type of talks I'd love to have at a get-together/party. Indeed, a common platform is what is needed for a two-way conversation.
What would you say if you heard about a five star hotel in one of the largest helicopters in the world,called a 'hotelicopter'?With 18 luxurious rooms'for adrenalin junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable travel experience'? 

You'd believe, specially since this could happen in the city that dares to dream and achieve it-i.e. Dubai.

But, not yet!!This one was an April Fool joke on Facebook, promoted by a UK Hotel chain....thousands of people joined a group dedicated to the project, when a clip of the hotelicopter was put up. Were you one of them?
Joke for the day:
The Englishman's paramour told him she was pregn*nt, and said, "If you do not marry me, I shall kill myself." "Oh I say!" replied her lover, "You really are a decent sort."

And, an end joke:
He is so stupid that he made 2 holes in his cond*m, cause he wanted twins.
Till next time, keep smiling.


yamini meduri said...

the first conversations that you mentioned are really very boring...i hate them too..!!!

but those you dream to talk about...wowo.....they are the best for the bloggers...!!!

yamini meduri said...

wow...i am the first...!!!


austere said...

I wish I wish...but till then social chit chat seems a must.

Thank you for the ahem you know what, thank you.

All the stuff is about actual letters you've written?

Aquarius said...

awww Amit thanks a ton....really nice of you to mention me in the post.

I too hate this materialistic conversations...maybe for sometime but if thats all is the talk I'd rather start listening to some nice music :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

...good to see idealism ( and niceness) hasnt be beaten out of you yet. and danke danke for the mention. much appreciated.

Khamakha said...

yeah, for a conversation to last and be memorable I guess, one needs to go beyond the materialistic issues...or may be i dun exactly kno how to differentiate between diff kind of conversations. I guess even if it's about something mundane (like a brand new car), sensitivity and the warmth of the issue can turn it exciting..

Keshi said...

yeah some conovs make u ditch ur sleeping pills lol!

**Yes I did...and, aren't you thrilled that Keshi's returned to blogging?"

LOL Amit u had to include my name ha!!! :):)

Im not on i didnt get trapped by any April Fools' jokes. How abt u?? ;-)


shooting star said...

hey amit!!...nice post!!!
i wish i was goin around the world...instead i ahve shifted house so have had to dc my net connection...and cant access net connection from offic....
will be back soon with lotsa posts!!...i have writen down quite a few...just have to upload!!