Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baroda Trip-Part III

Thanks,everyone,for the response to the previous post.
(I still cannot post pics with my posts, for some reason-maybe coz uploading speed is less these days)

Besides Sayaji Park, another regular place for me when in Baroda, is the E.M.E. Temple. But, I got a bit irritated this time. More about that coming up below.

Most of the time, it's a smooth entry from the gate, and, walking to the temple,going to the shoe rack, walking out barefoot (Not to worry-it's totally clean) to the various locations inside is a gem of an experience in itself. As usual, the Panditjis(there're two of them) recognized me, and also the two old gentlemen who come regularly for the Pooja morning and evening, since the time I first went during this auspicious time. (Frankly, folding one's hands in greeting(Pranam mode) always seems to be so much nicer than the 'mod' 'shake hands' mode. I feel a sense of strength,each time I fold my hands thusly. Try it consciously). 

In the evening prayers, there's always a larger crowd, and, at the end of it all, the new part was that they make everyone sit down, rather than create a crowd for the prasad and while the pooja thali is being passed around.(You know, passing one's hands over the diya flame) And, while we were waiting, the senior Panditji gave a small talk on fear. Fear of God. And, those five minutes on why we shouldn't fear God, why He's always around for us, trying to avoid us making mistakes- was quite a new topic for me. And, can't wait to be able to hear him speak everyday in the evening,once I'm back.

Oh,yes, another change- they've changed the Prasad to misri(Earlier,it used to be those star-like mini white sweets,I can't remember the name)...and, I guess it's a good change.

On one of the days, the guard at the gate insisted on writing down details of every single person entering the gate, and, since he was slow at English, he was taking about five minutes per person. And,as is usual with our people, they could see there's a queue of 4-5 people, but, each new person would go right to the guard,so that finally,it seemed like there were five queues. Finally,after twenty minutes, I went out the gate without visiting the temple. But then,for the remaining two days, the guards at the gate recognized me and let me in without getting my id checked. hehe!

And,Austy,yes, on the last day, I got three Salutes- that made my day!!Have been  a bit more smartly than ever,after that!:)
Next part, and perhaps last part, coming up tomorrow! Including the old city visit, Abad airport, the experiences on the return flight!!Watch this space!


Alka said...

Wow! Going down the traveled lane is always good. Its surprising to know how people recognize you after so many years. Here in big cities the less said the better.

Keshi said...


He who fears GOD, does not really BELIEVE in GOD.


Arunima said...

Enjoy your stay there. Have never been to your city.Will read the last part.