Thursday, March 05, 2009

Smile of the week

Yesterday, I was locking the door to the flat, when leaving for the day at work(And, believe me, it was hectic). I glanced at our neighbour's door and saw a yellow stick-it note on it. I've always seen such notes in our building in Baroda, where people scribble on all sorts of papers, even on newspapers with a sketchpen(The right thing to do-conserves paper), and leave notes for the milkman or the building watchman who doubles as a milkman to earn a bit of money- to leave 2 bags of milk or no milk or something to that effect. 

We don't have any milkmen in Dubai, at least, not that I know of, so, curiosity got the better of my and I peered at the note. What it said gave me the first smile of the day.

'Hey, Baby,
Don't call  MeMom is at home today,
 :) Girl'

Images of a gangster sitting next to the phone(Oh, I've seen enough Bollywood movies too), ready to shout the 'kutte, kamine-meri beti se door rehna' dialogues, floated into my mind...and, I was still grinning, as I walked down the stairs(I hate using the lift- my bit towards conserving electricity, and, further, the flat's on the first floor...ROFL), and, then, realized that what the note said was:

'Hey, Baby,
Don't call  Me Mom is at home today,
 :) Girl'

That makes more sense, huh? Thank God- I needed that smile yesterday...the day was probably the worst, 'hectic'ality wise, since the past two months.



austere said...

This has several possibilities. :)

Aquarius said...

Nice way to start your you know your neighbour?? You could just ask him if he knows anyone by the name MeMom :)

yamini meduri said...

:) :) :)

Arunima said...

haha, i got it the first time. My brain works sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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AmitL said...

Hi,Austy...why,whatever do you mean?Possibilities???*innocent smile*
Hi,Aquarius---ROFL- he's cordially friendly so far,so,I'd prefer to continue the same way,instead of bringing MeMom into the picture.
Hi,Arunima---I knew it!!Waise,u're making an understatement-I know ur brain works much faster than many people!!:)