Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Sandwich

For some reason, I'm filled with nostalgia today..maybe because I'm missing travelling by Baroda Express or Rajdhani Express or any of the other trains for more than a decade, nearly every other month, when I was in my first company- it would usually be to Mumbai or Delhi or one of the cities in Gujarat...and, a sandwich would always be the most hygienic food on the trains/at the stations!!:) Ah, this miracle of an invention- will check out wikipedia to learn it's origins!:)

But, this memory goes earlier than that. I'm reminded of the sandwich served at the Railway Station- it was always a favourite for me- and, I'd always be trying to convince Dad to take me there when we were near the station. What was special about it? Well, it was something like the pic above- they'd cut it in the centre, and then, the two halves would be cut further in their centres, and then reversed, to form a star. And, those four pieces would taste much better than two whole slices of bread....and, since then, my facination for the sandwich has remained, till today, and, I'm sure will remain in the future too. Today, probably coz of my current diet, I'm enjoying sandwiches, but, of wholemeal bread(Can't 'stomach' too much of white bread...LOL), with salad  items filled in them. And, they've really helped the diet, besides the walking,et al...reached nearly halfway to my 'drop-weight' target, in two months, which is not bad, I'm sure that's made you curious as to what my target is? Ask and thee shall be told all!!Specially,if you need any encouragement to diet!!

And , someone was mischievously(I think) wondering what I was going to write about, when I said that I had 'sandwich' as one of my forthcoming topics!! Hehe!! Hope you enjoyed the post, pal!!I wouldn't think of any other kind of sandwiches!Tauba Tauba!Perish such thoughts!

Joke for the day:
Q: What gets longer when pulled, fits between your orbs, inserts neatly in a hole and works best when jerked?
A: A seat belt, of course(Whatever were you thinking of? tauba,tauba!!)

Till next time, cheerio and keep smiling.


yamini meduri said...

:) nice write up friend...!!!

keep smiling..!!

austere said...

C'mon tell all. The weight thing, of course.

Really, all the way to the station for a sandwich? :)

Aquarius said...

naughty naughty......nce post :)

Anonymous said...

the sandwich looks yummmm....
n yeah whtz ur target?;)

Ritu said...

I had a soft corner for sandwiches that was KILLED in Delhi... Thats a city for samosas and not sandwiches!!!

Solitaire said...

Good luck staying away from the sandwiches!

Keshi said...

Amit nah i hvnt abandoned my bestest blog-mates just cos Im not blogging here I am :)

yummmmm love that star-shaped sandwich!!!! *gimme some*