Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recession Notes

(Note: The above cartoon is a dig at the rush with which towers were being announced here. So, whoever made this tower, was making an awesome metaphor)

Have you ever been nostalgic? I bet you have-about anything-from childhood to school days to college days to first loves to....:) You see that someone or something and memories come flooding back.

Ah, but I bet you've never been nostalgic the way people are these days, out here- they're nostalgic about traffic. Good Lord, was my first reaction. First they used to groan about how the traffic here never allows them to be on time for anything- a meeting, a date, a dental appointment. People who had office at 8 AM, would reach at 9 AM-purportedly because of traffic.

Now, with the current recession-like situation, the roads are relatively less crowded. So, they groan about that..I've been victim to dialogues like(From people whose jobs are secure so far):

- I used to reach from Bur Dubai to Rashidiya in nothing less than an hour- now, I'm there in 20 minutes.**sad look on face**

- You see this street? Four months back, there used to be a queue of vehicles here- from heeeeere to theeeeere*hands gesticulating wildly*.***sad look on face***.

- I used to wait for 1.5 hours for a taxi. Now, we are back to the days when just raising the arm to scratch my hair, brings a taxi or two or three screeching to a stop in minutes.**sad look on face**.

- I don't get my fill of music on Radio FM these days, since the time spent on the road is so less.**sad look on face**.

The only thing I can do on hearing such remarks is roll my eyes upwards and smile. People, what is there in life that makes you crib about everything? Why can you not feel happy that your job, at least, is secure,so you shouldn't look sad? 

- I,for one, am pretty happy that I reach office and home in 20 minutes maximum, as against the earlier 45 minutes.(Our Company bus, of course- I wouldn't drive here, ever-love my short life too much). 

-I'm also happy that I can listen to Radio FM when home, instead of 'on the road', since the cacophony of sounds of others in the bus doesn't let me enjoy songs.

- I'm pretty happy that we can catch a taxi so easily, the rare times I want to travel by it(Beyond walkable distance). More than that,

- I'm thrilled with the new RTA(Roads and Transport Authority)  routes for buses, and the increased frequency- these buses are nothing short of luxurious(Will put up a pic or two one of these days) and link major parts of Dubai with each other.

Now, if I want to be sad, it would be for some friends who lost their jobs, for people in general who have suddenly been told that their services are not required, who have loans and do not have any way to repay them and hence have to resort to flight, who are sending their families home so that they can save a bit more till their jobs are intact. I hope everyone sees a silver lining in the clouds, sooner rather than later.

On another note, today's fortune says:

When it comes to increasingly pressing demands, timing is as important as what you actually say. These may seem urgent. Still, you're better off waiting until after Mars, the planet of ego and energy, moves into Pisces this Sunday and strengthens the courage of your convictions.

Amen to that!!Exactly what I was thinking- the right timing!! So, will wait for Sunday onwards.*grins*.

Have a great day, everyone!!

Oh,yes,interesting joke that gave me the first smile of the day:

It's a little known fact that Julius Caesar did NOT die from stab wounds by Brutus... but rather he was poisoned.

At the huge banquet on that fateful Ides of March, Brutus slipped some poisonous hemlock leaves onto Julius's salad. (This was the world's first Caesar's salad!)

When Julius slumped over into his salad, Brutus feigned concern and asked: "My dear friend Julius, how many hemlock leaves have you eaten?"

To which Julius gasped in reply: . .. "Ate two, Brutus."

And, on the naughtier side:
Wife to hubby: Just because "it's awake" when you get up does not mean I have to "kiss it good morning."



Aquarius said...

Amit, yes its so weird!! people really crib sometimes for no reason actually...maybe its just a matter of habit with them.
Good one on Julius Caesar :)

yamini meduri said...

Recession has made people cry...!!!

dont know how to react to this post of yours..!!!

austere said...

So sad.
Well, good luck with whatever.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

ate two brutus hheheh. that one is cute!

rahul said...

Well you knowthere will always be people who will see the glass half empty..ys recession is a tough time but it has also opened a lot of opportunities for those who are willing to go down the path less traversed!!!

Keshi said...

Hey Amit :) did u ever get my reply to ya (email)?

hv fun!

Arunima said...

i have a lot of frens in the it who has got a pay cut and pay delayed etc. luckily, no layoffs so far.

I take about 45 mins to reach the office too.

AmitL said...

Hi,Aquarius-believe me,I think it makes some people happy to crib!!:)
Hi,Yamini--I totally agree- and,I really feel sorry for people who've lost their job..this post is directed to people who have their jobs and are still cribbing,not knowing how lucky they are.
Hi,Austy...true,it's sad..
Hi,Cyn..yes,I really ROFLled at the Brutus one..what if it's true?
Hi,Rahul-I totally agree- I know some people who were given the pink slip and they got the courage to start on their own-and,they're already slightly successful!!
Hi,Keshi-I did and I keep visiting here..welcome always!!:)
Hi,Arunima--yes,that's I said,this post was directed towards people who're safe,so far- they should be feeling happy,na??