Monday, March 30, 2009

Rains and a Sense Of Humour

Thought for the day:The way we see the problem is the problem...-- Stephen Covey

'Kutte Billi Baras Rahe Hain' is all I can say. i.e. it's raining cats and dogs. Here I was, thinking that the January monsoon season has passed, and, since last week when the hailstones made their presence felt, we've been having rains out here. Today was tremendous, with one of the thunderclaps lasting a full 30 seconds. I'm sure disaster, i.e. lightning struck somewhere. The paper will tell.
Do you watch Pogo or Cartoon Network? I don't mean violent serials like Tom and Jerry, of course...(Though, I am a fan!LOL)..

Don't say 'how kiddish'- just try it- it's good to feel like a kid at heart, sometimes!:)

Programs like Pogo's ' Just For Laughs'- they're enough to pull anyone out of a dull mood, like I was in, yesterday.(Which is why I sat down to post and didn't, finally-no point in posting if my mood's not right, I feel). It's a program where they play simple and sometimes complex tricks on people on the street.(We do have a program like that, on NDTV-Chhupa Rustam,but, it's much less tricky). Like, there was:

-This huge cover they'd put on a car in a parking lot, to make it seem as if the car had been parked since a long time. And, the car owners would invariably come there, look mystified, turn around, look everywhere, and wonder where their car had gone.. finally, they'd find it, of course.
- This pretty lady who'd suddenly sidle up to a couple, and start acting cozy with the guy- the reactions from the other lady would be anything from catty to a snarl!!:)
- This group of footballers who'd suddenly appear out of nowhere, surround a person and then bend down in a 'team gettogether session' before game.
- The guy in the scary masks shop, who put on the scariest mask and hairy hands, and, stood like a mask with the others..and, as soon as someone would touch a mask, he'd make a snarling noise, scaring the wits out of the person(s). Here's a link to some of them.

Of course, it also made me wonder- would people in our country display just as good a sense of humour as most of these people did? Perhaps not. Maybe even a communal riot could occur, with some of the pranks if they were played in India.But, we are progressing, definitely, as some of the Chhupa Rustam episodes showed.
Till next time,keep smiling.


Keshi said...

**even a communal riot could occur, with some of the pranks if they were played in India.

oyeah! cos HUMOR is not something that all COUNTRIES understand.


I sometimes wonder abt that too..the pranks they play here in Aus, will be lawsuits in India or SL!


Arunima said...

agreed with Keshi.

I love the cartoon serials. watched it with my nephews at home. They can watch Pogo for hours at length.

Aquarius said...

yeah i love those serials....makes u feel like a child again....and again it depends in which part of india you woul like to play these pranks so that we don't have riots.nice post amit...

Drifty/Arabica said...

yeah...I would rather watch these than those horrendous reality shows...gosh...rains..remind me of mumbai...never thought i would say this, but i miss 'em....