Sunday, March 08, 2009


1. You just have to play by the rules;you don't get a chance to make them. If you are obedient today you will have ample opportuinties in the week ahead to flaunt your uniqueness and stray from the beaten path.

2.One of your biggest challenges is saying a firm and uncompromising no. You intend to, but then soften it, saying 'perhaps' or 'maybe'. One particular individual is counting on this. When they've been pushy in the past, you've always given in. But this is the beginning of a new era, and it starts with them.

3.If you think about making major changes now, remember there is a cosmic red light in the heavens. If you stick to the rules, and don't take resentment and criticism personally, you will emerge unscathed.
Whew!Those three 'your stars today' predictions, pretty much summed up what's been running in my mind the last 7 days. Now, to wait for next Sunday to come and see how things progressed!!Will update here!

Off to work, now!First day of the week.


yamini meduri said...

will be waiting for the update..!!!

San said...

Aries :D I love reading daily horoscopes.

Arunima said...

sneaked in. :-)

I tried not capitalizing 'i' but failed after a few posts. Will try seriously this time.

Anz said...

how about other zodiac signs?

austere said...

I guess you'd be better living with whatever is bugging you for some.

AmitL said...

Hi,Yamini-update coming up on Friday..:)
Hi,San-heeyyy..welcome back!!:)And,yes,I read them daily..a hint here,a hint there-never hurts,right?
Hi,Arunima---haha..try--i tried,too!!:)
Hi,Anz...ahahahahahaha..I remember our discussions in the past...:)
Hi, hit the nail on the head..but,I have full faith- that when the right moment comes,the right opportunity will come,too!!*eyes wide open*