Friday, February 13, 2009

What a week

Whew!What a week. Hectic, workwise. And,comic,food wise. Now, being someone for whom food is more of the 'eat to live' rather than 'live to eat' necessity, I never really expect it to give me such good laughs at the end of the day. So, here goes- some of the foodie events of last week:

- Decided to have baked beans on toast, at one of the restaurants(One of my recommended diet items, at present-but,that's another post-the diet, I mean). So, I made a detour in the middle of my walk, and, well, walked into this restaurant. The lady at the counter begins the conversation:
"Yes, Sir..good evening. What would you like to have?"
Me: "Do you serve baked beans on toast at this time?"
She(Looking at her watch first):"Yes, Sir.But, it will be toast and baked beans, not baked beans on toast"
Me:"Why? The menu says 'baked beans on toast."
She: "I'm sorry, Sir. But, we can only serve baked beans with toast."
Me:"What's the difference?"
She's speechless, coz she has no answer.
Me:"Ok, get me baked beans and toast and a cup of tea".
She:(Smile back on her face)"Ok, Sir"

The dish(I mean the baked beans and toast dish, silly people) comes. And, it has four slices of toast, around it, and a spattering of good-looking baked beans in the centre.(I said good-looking, coz I thought that their being a bit old might be the reason she wanted to serve them separate). 

And,  Arghh-just a knife and fork. Being somewhat desi in my outlook(Though, I can never eat rice with my fingers or mash an idli with my elbows), I wanted a spoon to scoop up the beans and put them on the toast. But, I didn't want another inane conversation on why they don't serve spoons with toast, so, I quietly took the clean spoon given with the tea and used it to scoop up the beans and put them on the toasted slices. I did look up once towards the lady to indicate how easy it was to put baked beans on toast, though...LOL). And, that was my delicious dinner that day.

Oh, yes, another thing happened- a guy came and put a folder on my table, just as the baked beans came, and I was wondering why they were in such a hurry to get paid. However, I opened the folder when I was leaving, to pick up the bill, and find about forty dirhams in it, alongwith a 'Paid' Bill. Now, this usually happens with me, you know. Being returned change more than the money I handed over, etc. But, this was a first. Obviously, it was not my bill, but, belonged to someone who was at my table before me. And, me being me, went to the counter, handed over the money to them and told them it wasn't mine. The guy looked at me, astonished(probably wondering who in these times of recession would let go of excess money.LOL). But, then, it's always the same with me- I remember going back a kilometre or so in Baroda, to return money to shopkeepers in Baroda, if they gave excess change. I'm sure it's the One Above taking mini tests every now and then, to see whether I've chance, Sir!!

Then, two days back, again dinner time- went into a Udipi restaurant, began reading the menu on the board. It goes:

Club Sandwhich (Which is what I ordered, despite my best judgement that one should eat at a restaurant only what it is famous for, and Udipi is famous mainly for South Indian food)...but, touchwood, the sandwich was nice.

S.K. Pakoda - this one made me grin(No, I didn't take it- doesn't come in diet food, you see)..I was wondering whether this one was named after a frequent flyer, I mean, visitor to the restaurant, named S.K.?

Yesterday, what made me grin was an observation while standing at Bombay Chowpatti's counter waiting for my coupon for my favourite 'matki chai'. There was a guy standing on the platform next to it, and savouring paani puri. Seeing his shape, which was exactly like one of the Puris served with Paani Puri, I grinned internally(Sorry, guy,that was rude) wondering how many hundreds of Puris he must have eaten to really look like one!!:)

Okies, then. Cheerios till next time.And, yes, I'll be doing a joint post with Keshi,soon,on her blog!So,watch out for that!!Promises to be fun! 


austere said...

Why aren't you cooking dinner at home like a good Gujjubhai in these times?

That part about returning the money was decent.

Though the panipuri dig wasn't.

Keshi said...

A YUMMY post :) Nice!

u will surprised Amit, I hv never eaten Baked-beans on toast!! Sounds like its nice. I must try it out some time :)

**probably wondering who in these times of recession would let go of excess money

there's one more person like that...ME. Cos i just sponsored a child u see hehehe. I dunno, the economic depression is the last thing on my mind hehe..

LOL @panui puri dude! u should hv taken a pic of him from ur cell.

ty so much for the heartfelt email too Amit!


Keshi said...

**u will BE surprised

Keshi said...

**Pani puri

lol sorry abt all my typos, Im in a rush!


Aquarius said...

hey amit....i too love baked beans on toast....every restaurant has some weird rules for no rhyme or reason like one restaurnat absolutely refused to give us Bhaji seperate from the dosa it insisted that we will get bhaji only wrapped in the dosa weird!! huh

Ritu said...

Hey.. Ive had baked beans on toast several times and can never figure out why people would have them :-P

Anyways... cool posts... I see one common factor - You're always in a hurry...