Monday, February 23, 2009

There was a time when..

There was a time when I : 

Would select the Noddy books which I did not have, at Allies’ book stores, and inform each Uncle one of the serial numbers from 1 to 24 accordingly. (We couldn’t afford to buy them all-they cost a princely Rs 4 to Rs 8!).

Would look suitably thrilled when the books were given to me, duly marked’With best wishes from…’.

Would select Famous Five/ Five Findouters/Hardy Boys books.

 Same reaction as in the case of Noddy. haha.

 (And, in this way, my books and comics collection continued growing.Haha)

Would distribute the simple variety of chocolates in school and the other batchmates would go into singing mode, while I looked on shyly.

Was in Kirloskar Pneumatic, Pune one year, for an inspection with a Consultant and reached Mumbai at 10 PM, to find that my relatives were still waiting for me to return.

Was in EIL, Delhi, for a meeting and had to tell them what day it was, so that they would let me go early.

Was in UHDE, India for a meeting and got caught in the Vikhroli-Andheri traffic for three hours.

Had gone to a friend’s place in Dubai for dinner, it being a Friday holiday. And, was feeling quite touched that they had called me over on this day.

 Today is a day of:

Getting up at 5 AM. Making half a cuppa tea. Checking my favourite blog(s) for updates.(You know why!!haha). Checking gmail and rediffmail, and seeing the usual greetings from batchmates, alumni, c2w. Going for a walk.

Taking a quick bath, saying my prayers, and, a special silent prayer for Mom(God bless her soul.Sigh!!)- it used to be my parents' anniversary as well on this day.(They were married exactly a year earlier)

Yet to happen:

 Going to office. Returning at 6 PM. Going for evening walk.(Starting the walk with a cuppa masala tea, naturally). Returning at 8. Having a wholemeal sandwich for dinner. Watching a comedy or a  repeat of Roadies(Depending on mood). Falling asleep with lights and TV on, if too whacked out mentally. (Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, at least today).

 And, that, people, are some of my birthday memories for Feb 23rd. Some sweet, some sour. But, all memorable in their own way. And, I guess I couldn’t have asked for anything better, since, whenever I’ve needed something, God has always been there, provided, of course, I provide the necessary momentum.

 Will update on other exciting things, if any, which will happen during the course of the day.


yamini meduri said...

thats a nice post dear....adn is it your birthday today....happy birthday friend...!!!

have a great day...may all the good wishes be with you...!!!

have a blast...!!!

rain girl said...

wish you a very very happy birthday. :) an interesting post. i think i will also try to remember my ol' birthdays now :P

hope you had a beautiful day. :)

Aquarius said...

Hi Amit,

Many Happy returns of the day!!! hope you have a wonderful day ahead and loads of fun!!1

austere said...

Many happy returns.

Used to be my kid sister's bday as well. Is.

Have a good year, boss.

Joana said...

Happy birthday, dear friend!!!
By this time, I can just wish you a very good night...I hope you sleep like a baby and wake up full of energy to face another day...Cheers!!!

Keshi said...

o gawd I know I shall never be forgiven!!! Its ok, I ought to be shot dead lol! Im SO SORRY I forgot ur bday :( I was very busy yday...didnt blog-hop at all. I was planning to do the flatmate post...didnt hv time at all to edit it, find pics etc and do it. So i did that short post on request by a friend who was feeling down.

And amidst all that I forgot it was ur bday. Amit Im so very sorry!

Anyways I hope u had a great day Amit.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful person in Blogville!

ur a very friendly, kind, loving, caring, smart, witty and a great soul. Its not easy to find ppl like u and Im glad we met here online.

*HUGZ* always keep shining just the way u r Amit!


Joana said...

Good morning!!! Have a nice day!!!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Happy Budday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Have a fantastic year ahead with everything that you have wished for.

Arunima said...

happy belated birthday. Sorry, couldn't come earlier.

I used to borrow famous five and hardy boys and nancy drew from the school library and wait for others to give me just like you.

AmitL said...

Hi,Yamini..thanks you so much!!Yes,it was a nice day!:)
Hi,Rain Girl-thank you..and,yes,do remember your past birthdays..sometimes,memories are memorable,na?:)
Hi,Aquarius..thank you so much!!:)
Hi,Austy..thank you..and,I'm sure the year will be great now.:)
Hi,Joana-grt to see ur comment here-and,your wishes worked:)
Hi,Keshi-thank you,thank you..that made me blush!!:)
Hi,Cyn...thank you so much.
Hi,Arunima-thank you!!And,you too have the same memories for books!Nice-and,weren't those moments of reading more treasured than today?:)