Saturday, February 07, 2009

News Tidbits

Some news tidbits last week made me think.

Seventeen cricketers- 'sold' for Rs 30 crores- for the IPL(Lovingly called 'Indian Paisa League' by one TV channel)....err,you did say there's a recession going on?
I did wonder whether this money couldn't have been better used to help some industries out of recession? Or, maybe, it has, in a way- the cricketers who were 'purchased' can rest easy!!
Another news tidbit- the moral police are at it again- the SRS group in Bangalore, which has announced that any 'couple' seen in a 'Valentine'like pose on 14.02, will be married off forcibly.Come to think of it-that might be a good least all the lakhs which go down the drain in wedding celebrations will be saved...another indirect measure to fight recession,I guess. I did wonder why no film-maker has thought of making a 'different' love story on this topic?
These jokes are from Ritu's blog- spoken by her children and their friends-so innocent, I requested her to let me use them for a post. Thanks, Ritu.

Joke 1:When Ram, Sita and Lakshman were going on vanvasa (exile), their loved one gave them three mobile phones to stay in touch.
After a few days, one day Ram and Lakshman went into the jungle. A few hours later, Sita called Ram and said, "Ram, I can see Ravana coming on a bicycle. I am very scared."
Ram assured her, "Don't worry Sita. Ravana does not know how to ride doubles!"

Joke 2:Five boys are discussing the new cars their dads are buying.

"If my dad buys a red car, I will wear a red t-shirt" says one.
"If my dad buys a green car, I will wear a green t-shirt" says the other.
"If my dad buys a blue car, I will wear a blue t-shirt" says the third boy.
"If my dad buys a white car, I will wear a white t-shirt" says another.
The last boy: "My dad is not buying a car, so I will not wear anything." 
Amazing, the humour in little kid's talks! I needed those jokes to make me come out of a whacked out day at work!
Till next time, keep smiling!


D said...

Moral police suck.

Paradox said...

I read one news item today which says that a professor will be leading a Gandhiam protest against moral policing. Its encouraging to find that people are uniting against sanctions on freedom of expression.

Keshi said...

wut kinda hair salon is that! *lol*

Moral Police should go in live in caves.


Aquarius said...

hahaha loved the jokes...made my day tooo...

austere said...

The ad was a delight. Hilarious.

The moral policing is scary and dumb- and its not going away in a hurry.

Keshi said...

come by my blog tonite Amit :)


Keshi said...

wuts ur current email?


AmitL said...

Hi,Dee-yes,indeed-they do!!But,ready for more of them,specially in these times of recession when many people have nothing better to do.
Hi,Paradox-I totally agree- this is an attack on people's freedom, definitely.
Hi,Keshi-interesting salon,na??:)And,yes,that's a good one- the moral police should go live in caves..ROFL.
Hi,Aquarius-yes,the innocence in those jokes was too good,na?:)
Hi,Austy-LOL,yes..and,the moral police-yes,I'm also sure they're not going to go away in a hurry,specially with elections round the corner.
Hi,Keshi-I did..and,what a thrill!!:)And,I mentioned my email on ur blog.