Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun Day

I was enjoying my tea at Bombay Chowpatty(But naturally) and was amused to hear this conversation from the next table.
Little kid, sharply dressed in a kurta-pyjama,must've been 4 or 5 yrs old. He's friskily jumping about, and Daddy suddenly gets up.
"Who wants this Galaxy chocolate?"
'Kiddo naturally jumps happily'.
Daddy:"First you finish your lunch"
Kid turns towards plate. 
Daddy quickly peels off the wrapper. Bites off half of the chocolate bar.
Kiddo looks stunned.
Their friend who's with the family of three also looks astonished.
Daddy(By way of explanation): "Eni paase chhe ek chocolate"(He has a chocolate), and proceeds to put the bar in his pocket.
Me:*no wonder, a Gujju baniya", and I grin away at the first laugh of the day!!Wonder whether the lil kid got his chocolate finally. I almost wanted to get one for him when I saw his face when Daddy was munching half of it.LOL.
Just proves- we can all be kids at heart in different ways, na?
Amongst the foodie laughs of last week:
"Patta Gobiz Masala"...Even I didn't get this one, initially.

Another 'order' overheard which made me want to LOL:
'Randa Dippad chai"  (Two teas of the tea bag variety. The Dippad refers to Dipped, of course)

This sign always makes me laugh when I pass it, in Karama Centre(Wonder if I told you about this earlier):
- Please don't use the massage chair for any purpose other than massage'.
(I always imagine couples sitting in close embrace in it, or, maybe a bunch of kids jumping on it or.....??)
Pharmacy Professor: "What is 'Viagra' used for?"
 Freshman Student: "Diarrhea."
 "Why do you think that?"
 "I heard my mother tell my father, 'Take a Viagra, maybe that little shit will get harder.'"
What is the Chinese name for 69?
Two can chew.

Till next time, keep smiling.


yamini_meduri said...

that was a nice funny post dear....have a great time...keep smiling..!!!

Keshi said...

HAHAHA all of em were so funny Amit!

actually wut else can u use the Massage chairs for?

LMAO @Viagra joke!


Cynic in Wonderland said...

hehehe bombay is full of these snippets of life no?

austere said...

I just heard you were blacklisted by the Vaniya Associations of the world.

What a mean parent.

AmitL said...

Hi,Yamini-haha-daily life is always fun,somewhere or the other-you just need to keep your eyes and ears open!:)
Hi,Keshi-well,that's what I was wondering,too-maybe some family want to use them for a picnic?
Hi,Cyn-haha,yes,Mumbai is.But,this was Dubai-a close second to Mumbai.:)
Hi, the blacklisting.And,yeah,the parent did sound mean at that time..but,maybe he was just reliving a childhood fantasy?

Anonymous said...

Guys have you heard the warnings on the Viagra commercials saying that if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours you should call a doctor.

Anonymous said...

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