Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Would you like...

'Sir,Sir'...I heard a voice. I was just walking out of UAE Exchange, so I thought maybe someone(not me) had dropped a few thousand dirhams and a good samaritan, thinking that it was me, was callng out to return them. So, I stopped and turned. And, it was a lady walking fast(fastly, as they say out here).

'Sir, hello..I am so-and-so'.

Me: Hello(Still mystified, wondering what it was all about)

'Sir, I'm from so-and-so bank. We are tied up with so-and-so Indian bank, so you can transfer money directly'.

Me: No, thanks. I already have a good account with so-and-so bank.
*Seeing that one sale has failed, next move with eyes wide open*:

'Sir, I noticed you have a RBS credit card.' (Don't tell me she needs an urgent loan from a stranger, I thought)

Me: Yes (That's me-all precise and to the point)

' Would you like a so-and-so advantage card, lifetime free?'

Me: No(Precise as ever)

'But, Sir, we have the lowest interest rates'

Me: No. I plan to cancel all my extra cards. 

'But, Sir, we can also take care of balance transfer from your other cards-just 0.49% interest'.

Me: No, thanks. I always pay my credit card bills on time-there's no balance carried forward.

*light dawns on the lady*...'Oh, and I thought you were a good customer'.

Me(smiling): Thanks anyway.

*And, she walks off to search for the next 'good customer'.

And, here I was thinking that with the current financial crunch, credit card salespeople have become extinct, since banks are not advancing much credit anymore.


austere said...

They still have to close sales to keep their jobs.

Khamakha said...

it's hilarious to see freinds getting bugged with offers they don't need and yet politely willing to atleast listen :)

rain girl said...

lolz... :P u were so polite.. i to wud have... just given her a lecture or sth

yamini meduri said...

ha ha...nice one Amit..!!!

first timer on this blog but liked it...!!!

and about the post...always the simple yet intresting your kind of post..!!!

you were so polite to her.....if it was me in your place then i would have made her leave her job forever...!!!

good one..!!!

Arunima said...

I still get those calls.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-that's a valid point!!:)
Hi,Khamakha-to be honest,I was in a good mood that day(like I usually am!:)
Hi,Rain Girl-would you really have done that,I wonder?*muses*:))
Hi,Yamini-great to see u here..after ur regular visits to my 'inspirations'blog.:)
LOL-you,too?I can't imagine u being so,err,cold-hearted!:)
Hi,Arunima-say further,na-how do you deal with them??

Keshi said...

Amit why were u so nice? LOL I'd hv expolded!


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-good heavens- I can't imagine you exploding in this situation!!:):)Read my next post.

Aparna said...


really bank advertisers cn be pain in the...u know where :p

irking random customers?..why the hell are they so despo