Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That Product was

Firstly, over to the 'quiz' in the last post. But before that, I tried googling to see if I could get a good picture of the product, and, I can't believe it- they've banned 'google' out here.Whew! So, I got the above solitary pic via yahoo's search.

To all the mystified people, let me put the missing words in.

- Keep basin balance before use it.

- Use twice a day is better,once in the morning the other in the night. Every time keep temperature at 40 degree and last 30 minute.

 - Insist to use one or two month,beriberi will be clear away.

 In order to make heather, when wash by hot water, don’t open fan and air condition face your body.

-   Foot basin     promote metabolism, so drink more water(Like 250 ml) to sweat.

     -   Keep foot basin clean and dryness after used.

     -   It is equal to use basin before or after one hour when you have a meal. Don’t stand up   and leave quickly when finished the massage.Have a deep breath is good for your health.


- Do not use without water, don’t use it standing or deliberately trample.

- Don’t use within 30 minutes after a meal. 

- Do not use wet hands to operate the machines.

(One line I forgot): - It should not close to the fire.


Keshi, those were not grammatical errors-perish the thought,pal- you think I'd write such atrocious English?I deliberately reproduced the instructions as they appear in the instruction sheet.

What the product is:It's a foot spa.The solution to tired feet,at the end of a tiring day at work or after a long walk!So there!Cheerio!The next post comes very soon.TC!


Keshi said...

lol was that all? ok I'd hv to be some super-osychic podiatrist to guess that ans!

**pal- you think I'd write such atrocious English?I

nooooooo I wasnt saying YOU wrote those lines! :( didnt u say that they were some instructions taken from the product pack?

ofcourse I know ur Elnglish is at a quite competent level Amit! :)


yamini meduri said...

ha ha....i dont know about it till i read your post..!!!


rain girl said...

lolz :P

austere said...


Keshi said...

super-PSYCHIC I mean! :):) sorry abt the typo!


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-LOL-yes,that was all!!:)Simple person,simple quiz..*winks*..
Hi,Yamini..ah-always good to learn something new,na?
Hi,Rain Girl,Austy..:)

Keshi said...

**Don’t use within 30 minutes after a meal

why not?


AmitL said...

LOL-Keshi,maybe because some digestive reasons??