Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh,I love these walks!

Good heavens- this week seems like a week lost in my life. Work activity was so hectic, it was like home-office-home daily, except, of course, for the walks!Even there, I skipped one day-fell asleep at 7 PM, got up at 12 midnight, had a sandwich and fell asleep again. LOL. Only to wake up fresh n refreshed the next day. Couldn't even go around much to my favourite blogs. So, woke up early today to do just that and get updated!!:)

One of the things I love about walking briskly, besides the energy it brings, is the entertainment value I get by taking a different route everyday. I've tried going to the Zabeel Park walking track- as a track it's great- a good two kilometres to walk around, and walking two or three rounds is exhilarating. But, what comes as an unwanted bonus is the dozens of others who think the same way. And, it makes me feel like I'm walking out of Churchgate station on a working day.(Imagine the crowds). 

So, I take a different route daily, which goes straight, rather than round, and, that makes it all the more interesting. And, on return, the last few metres pass near this restaurant which puts up the dinner menu daily, which always makes me smile. Why? Well, one day, the menu has, right on top' French Bins', another day, it's 'Masala Singh' (Wonder if there's any Sardar by that name?Must be- must google and see), another day, it's 'Black Eye Bins' (Maybe they name this after the 'black eyed peas' group?), besides, of course, the black bins and the red bins that I mentioned in an earlier post. It's always fun to see how people write Hindi/ Gujarati, in English, I guess! And,of course, beans being bins is just something too hilarious to imagine! It's like thinking of something edible and, suddenly having to throw it away, na?

More on that coming up.That's one thing I'll surely miss when I'm back in Baroda. I mean, I do take walks there as well, and the routes are equally interesting, but, every place has a charm of it's own,na?
Laugh of the day:

1 . (Whatever)

Men: What should we have for dinner?

Women: Whatever..

Men: Why don't we have Mexican?

Women: No not Mexican, the last time I got pimples in my face

Men: Alright, why don't we have Si Chuan Cuisine?

Women: Yesterday we ate Si Chuan, today too?

Men: Hmm..... I suggest we have seafood

Women: Seafood is not good, I got diarrhea

Men: Then what do you suggest?

Women: Whatever...


2. (Anything)


Men: So what should we do now?

Women: Anything

Men: How about watching a movie? It's been a long time

Women: Watching movie is not good; it's a waste of time

Men: How about we go for bowling, or some exercises?

Women: Exercise on such a hot day?

Men: Then find a cafe' and have a drink

Women: I am off caffeine

Men: Then what do you suggest?

Women: Anything


3. (You decide)

 Men: Then do we just go home

Women: You decide

Men: Lets take the bus, I will accompany you

Women: Bus is dirty and crowded.

Men: Ok we will take a Taxi

Women: Not worth it... for such a short distance

Men: Alright, then we can walk. We can enjoy the weather

Women: I am hungry, can't walk?

Men: Then what you suggest?

Women: You decide

Men: Let's have dinner first

Women: Whatever...

Men: Eat what?

Women: Anything

Till next time,keep smiling.


~nm said...

I really had a good laugh at your "Laugh of the day" :)

Arunima said...

haha, there was this movie with konkana sen, rahul bose, soha ali and irrfan (I am just not getting the name) Konkana's character was something like this.
She gets to do what she wants but puts it as though she is doing a favour to the other person.

austere said...

Ha ha.. disqualifies me from owning a laptop ever. :)

Funny things, bins.

One day I'm going to walk from Nyaymandir to mandvi just looking at the signs and not avoiding the crowds only.

D said...

Was that your caption in Xpress yesterday????

shooting star said...

i love going on walks....but since my marriage..i only walk on the treadmill...there are no places for walks, where am currently living..not even decent parks...

Cynic in Wonderland said...

love the cartoon!

AmitL said...

Hi, keep coming back.:)
Hi,Arunima..which movie was that?Must see it.:)
Hi,D-yes,it was.U liked it?
Hi,Sush-well,the treadmill is also a great place to walk..only,it tends to get boring sometimes,na?

Anz said...

hahaha...i loved the whatever, you decide & anything...but dont you think guys do this most of the time as well?...why highlight it with women only? :P