Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Laws, pick up lines and all that jazz

(Positively brilliant ad,what do you say?)

Whew-I'm astonished-by the comments in my previous post on the credit card seller lady- I never knew that my dear blog pals could be sooo,well,ruthless(?)-like, Keshi says she'd have 'exploded' had she been in my place, while rain girl 'would have given her a lecture', and Yamini would have'made her leave her job forever'...honestly, I'd be scared to meet you people if I was a salesperson,really!!I pity those poor supposedly confident salespeople who do turn up at your doors!!(Maybe you should share some of your experiences here)Haha:)As I said, I was in a good mood, and,had it been a 'bad mood' day, my reaction too might have been different,albeit,just a wee bit.:)
And,oh-how is it that no-one has guessed that I'm a Piscean?(Ref. the post before this one)..I can think of a dozen Piscean traits which keep getting reflected in my posts,too!!:) Anyone wants to name some? 
Can someone explain the meaning of this article from our Indian news service, published in a local paper here. It says' Court could punish errant wives'. It states that the court plans to make a 1860 adultery law gender-neutral, to make both s*xes equal in the eyes of the law. The funny part is the law from India's British rule times, which defines a wife as 'the property of her husband and intended for his s*xual enjoyment'.In an effort to alter the law to make it reflect contemporary ideas on equality, the government wishes to bring women within the ambit of the law. Read more about it right here.

And, tell me what you think it's trying to say. Maybe it's just the headline which is wrongly worded? 

Very frankly, I think one of those interviewed has hit the nail on the head-she says that adultery should be treated, as it is in the US and Europe, as a private matter between three adults,and not a crime. Indeed-why should the state/the courts/the country be involved in such a case,unless it's a divorce case,which also needn't get front page publicity? After all,we are a developing nation,and,the times-they are a-changing,as they say!:)
Read this one too recently, and I must share it with you.

You're so beautiful…I’ve forgotten my pickup line.

Suggestion for how to say it, from the site where I read it::Start off very confident, then pause a while midway, stifling a laugh as you deliver the second half. Break eye contact immediately after the pause.

Thought for the day: After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.
Joke for the day:Kiwi walks into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm and says: 
"Darling, this is the pig I have s*ex with when you have a headache." 
His girlfriend is lying in bed and replies: "I think you'll find that's a sheep, you idiot."
 The man says: " I think you'll find I wasn't talking to you."
Till next time,keep smiling..and,before I forget,today I complete seven years in Dubai-a dedication-cum-memory post coming up on the interesting parts of these seven years!!:)


austere said...

Ooh. Pisces.
Well perhaps...

Congratulations on the 7 years, what next?

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