Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi,all!! Here's wishing everyone a Very Happy 2009! How was the first day of the New Year? Anything special happen? Tell me, what does the above image signify to you for the New Year? Then,I'll give my interpretation.:)
I don't have anything really special to write home about, except that the day began in a great way-woke up at @ 730 AM, which is 'late' by my standards...went down and saw that it was a somewhat foggy day again. Yes,we've been having nice fog these last few days,if you can call fog nice.:) And then,the rest of the day's just flown by, albeit,pretty peacefully and happily...sending emails to people,reading the various NY smses, talking to a few friends and chatting with some.

Read this funny news about there being a ray of hope, finally, in the US of seems that lingerie makers are having a field day, with sales of slinky lingerie specially shooting up.Why? Oh, simple- with the recession, people are staying at home more, so, they feel more amorous than they ever did in the busy hustle and 'bust'le days. Well, that's happy news,surely!!:) Hope the rest of the industries also pick up in the coming months.

And, our local newspaper had a collection of the humorour type of letters which they had received during the year, Like this one from a lady , which expressed her thoughts about her ex-hubby, and, had her hoping and praying  (for the readers) that her ex-husband does not go on the newly opened Floating Bridge(Dubai) in his car, as with the combined weight of his car and him, the bridge will probably sink.

Another was from a lady who went to a hairdressing salon to straighten her hair and walked out without any. She wanted to know what her rights were and was willing to send a pic of her head to the newspaper as proof, if they could help her.
Time for fun:

SHE: "I think you should know-my husband will be home in just about three-quarters of an hour." HE: "That's all right. I haven't done anything wrong." SHE: I know. But if you intend to, you'd better hurry."

"I could be all out of sorts when I get up in the morning," he was telling some friends, "but as soon as I brush my teeth, I feel ten years younger." His wife looked daggers at him. "Why don't you try brushing them before you go to bed?" she suggested.

Amusing quote for the day:

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained…. Mark Twain


Till tomorrow,then...have a great morning/afternoon/evening, depending on what part of the day u're in!!:)


Soham Shah said...

Have a wonderful year ahead mate ..

Keshi said...

Happy happy happy New Year Amit! :)

Hope all is well with ya. Sorry I I hvnt been ard...too busy over here. Will tell u all abt it when I come bak.

**When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained

I really dig that quote...cos believe it or not, I always say that too! we r all insane, and if we u'stand that insanity, then we hv LIVED.



Arunima said...

happy new year!

My interpretation: You will strive to achieve all your targets for the year and you will never stop trying.

On a funnier note, you will continue to be a baggage of nonsense in the next year, what with all the symbols and numbers comprising the body. :-)

austere said...

ha ha ha.
I thought of the striding on to your dreams interpretation but Arunima's baggage of nonsense viewpt is too funny.

Fog, eh? you can think you are in England or something, minus the cold, of course. :)) No?

D said...

Happy New Year to you too ...

Yeah read the news about the lingerie thing... weird!!!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

I like your joke of the day stuff btw