Saturday, January 10, 2009


Can you guess what “product” these instructions are for(They are all from one page, for the same product)? 

- Keep ….balance before use it.

- Use twice a day is better,once in the morning the other in the night. Every time keep temperature at 40 degree and last 30 minute.

 - Insist to use one or two month,….will be clear away.

-  In order to make heather, when wash by hot water, don’t open fan and air condition face your body.

-   ….promote metabolism, so drink more water(Like 250 ml) to sweat.

     -   Keep ….clean and dryness after used.

     -   It is equal to use............before or after one hour when you have a meal. Don’t stand up   and leave quickly when finished the …….. Have a deep breath is good for your health.


- Do not use without water, don’t use it standing or deliberately trample.

- Don’t use within 30 minutes after a meal. 

- Do not use wet hands to....


      Hats off to you if you can guess!


yamini meduri said...

please put the answers in the next post ok..!!!

Keshi said...

**In order to make heather

wut does that mean?

I'll tell my ans after u ans that qn :)


AmitL said...

Hi,Yamini-haha!!It's all for one product only..I'll put in the missing words,though!:)
Hi,Keshi-beats me-you think!I just reproduced the 'instructions'.:)

AmitL said...

Keshi,it could stand for weather,or,healthier,or,ether,or,either,or...ROFL...thanks for asking that question..cheered me up after a tiring day at work.

Keshi said...

Amit tnxx!

But I just cant make an intelligent guess cos the instructions are full of grammatical errors (hv a look)! So it makes it harder to u'stand what its all abt.

:) wut say?


rain girl said...

baap re.. mera to dimaag ghum gaya :P

dunno hehe

some medicine i guess?

austere said...


A steam inhaler.

No. I dont know why I wrote that. :)

Keshi said...

WUT IS IT Amit? lol!


shooting star said...

no clue amit!!!!