Friday, January 02, 2009

Fortunes,Forecasts,et al

Do you believe in the annual forecasts,the monthly ones,the weekly ones,the daily ones,which appear under your star sign, in papers and mags? Well,I do-mainly the good parts,of,this year, for the simple reason that I don't want to go around storing clippings for this year's forecasts, I'm going to make them part of my posts-easier to recap to them, na.And, also,fun to see interpretations from them.

So,here goes:
This one's from a mag:(Edited by me,coz it was too long,so, only the,err,juicy bits are retained):

From Jan to June,you:(My comments in bracket)
-will be caught up in financial matters at home.(Bang on-that's right,till June)
-will render your support wherever required.(I always do)

Do not feel as if you are being made the victim of something and let no insecurity set in,causing you any grief. (Thank you for that advice,just in case!)

This is the time for you to achieve a lot of success so just keep that as your goal and go ahead and achieve it.(I believe, I believe)

From July till the end of the year:
-Your time to learn new things. (Definitely,even if I'm back in India then)
-Be a part of new institutions and get more educated.(Yes! Could be)
-Your knowledge about certain topics will increase.(Definitely-life's an upward learning curve,always)
-You will be waiting for things to happen favourably,so continue to remain positive.(I always do)

You have an interesting year ahead,as it is all in your hands whether to make it or break it.(Yes, I agree...just what I always say-your happiness is in your hands only)
Talking to your mentors and, once in a while, being with yourself to recharge your batteries would be an excellent idea.(Yes,but then,I'd have to look for some mentors besides myself.LOL)

The most interesting part:
How to achieve your goal: Identify a tune or song that reminds you of your goal and hear it daily for the rest of the year. (Now,that's a challenge..can remember only two songs like that,but,they're ole hat.Any sugggestions,people?)

Any guesses about my star sign, from the above forecast? Maybe not,because they've missed out the one character trait of my sign,which I read about everywhere.And,that is....:)


~nm said...

If I go by my forecasts, I would have -

1. Been married at least 15 times
2. With 10-12 romances going on asking me see the world in a new light
3. Would have traveled almost every week for the past year ("travel is on the cards").

So I read mine for humor purposes only :)

shooting star said...

nice forcasts...i believe these forcasts just tell you what u already know about yourself......
wish you happy new year!!!

rain girl said...

nothing new na, they tell the obvious things... :P

Keshi said...

I dun believe in astrology all that much but I do believe that the Universe and its beings r all inter-connected, and therefore we must be having some effect on each other :)

Hard to imagine what Star sign u r, but I'd guess ur a Capricorn?


austere said...


Poo said...

I have a very convenient way of looking at forecasts et al, if they mention good things I keep that in mind and believe it, but if they predict doom and misfortune and not think about it.

The ones published in papers and mags are ridiculous though. I knew someone who wrote the monthly forecasts in one of the leading woman's mags and he wrote them as he pleased. And he was by no means a astrologer of any kind!

Arunima said...

I feel the forecasts are the same for all signs.