Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Shoe Saga

The shoe story:

It’s amazing, what a simple shoe thrown at a celebrity like a President can do. The saga has begun with the journalist throwing his shoe at the Prez of the US.
The whole world news, revolving around drab recessionist activity and pink slips, suddenly has a different fodder to chew over and bring the smile back to people's faces.

Everything related to the shoe has become hot news now. There’s their size(10), type(loafers), the manufacturers(Rivals in Turkey and Lebanon) claiming that they made the shoes, and, the latest news-

A Saudi Arabian man has reportedly bid $10 million for the shoes, claiming the “shoe of dignity” has “high moral status”, while an Egyptian man is ready to offer his daughter in marriage to the shoe-thrower.

Then, there’s this website which has reportedly had twenty million hits, courtesy it’s online game ‘sock and awe’, all on the hurling incident.

And, there's another Norwegian site as well, right here. They've made it more lifelike.

And now, since this idea has so many humorous possibilities, let me allow my imagination to run wild:

Can you imagine the vast possibilities this has for the world? Like, the Prez can start having shows round the world, with free shoes and other paraphernalia being given free to each of the audience. They can throw these and win themselves prizes. And, the Prez can then auction these items for charities like the SCTB. (Society for the Care and Treatment of Banks). In no time at all, the recession issues would be revolved.

Other stars from round the world could also begin doing such ‘world hurling shows’, while card makers like Archies could announce a ‘ World Hurling Day’, with all proceeds from the card sales going to the SCTB.

James Bond filmmakers could come out with ‘The Man With the Golden Shoe’, wherein the villain kills his enemies by hurling a golden shoe. And, Bond finally gets him down by tying his golden shoelaces together.

Shoe throwing-a new sport, with mini shoes on gold, silver and bronze being given as medals.
I’m sure some innovative teachers in schools will keep ‘autobiography of a shoe’ as one of the essays at exam time.

There would be an entirely new twist to the style of Gujjus saying 'Shoe kaho chho?'(What are you saying?'), or' Pann E kahe chhe shoe?'(But, what does he say?)

And, maybe someone will come up with a ‘Mera Joota Hai Japani’ kind of song as well.
And, horror of horrors, they might make us all go barefeet from the time we touch down on American shores, since shoes might be treated as WMDs. Bruce Springsteen might even sing 'Barefoot in the USA'
Some of the shoe jokes doing the rounds:

"Today, President Bush told reporters that the shoe-throwing incident was one of the weirdest moments of his presidency. Yeah, Bush said the only thing weirder was the time he got re-elected." --Conan O'Brien

"This is the country we thought had nuclear weapons. It turns out they have a pair of size 9 Hush Puppies instead." --Jimmy Kimmel

"Well, the interesting thing was the journalist who threw the shoe was immediately arrested, and then offered his own show on MSNBC." --Jay Leno
Till next time, keep smiling.


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austere said...


Loved the James Bond one.

Your imagination is sure working overtime, eh?

Khamakha said...

lol..yeah hilarious..seriously..maan gaye!

shooting star said... seem to have let your imagination run really wild with the possibilities...but i liked each one of them!!.....

rain girl said...

lolz....that james bond wala was awesome :P

Red Soul said...


Red Soul said...

omg ur last post is hilarious. what cool and FUNNY observations at the airport. enjoyed the post! :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Good fun that was. And didnt know George uncle could duck that fast. The world is having a shoe frenzy. and somehow i suspect that will remain one of the eternal images associated with georgie porgie.