Monday, December 01, 2008


Hi,all!!*Waves*- from Baroda,naturally! Been here since the morn of 27th...but,the first three days,I was feeling too numb, watching the reel life drama unfold in real life. I refer,of course,to the Mumbai events- to even imagine such a disaster happening,makes me wonder what the point of life is-I mean, all those innocents,who were standing outside the Taj, CST, inside the Taj,etc- what did they do to deserve such a rude and sudden death?? And, the ire grows when you hear a minister say 'Aisi chhut put ghatnaayein hoti rehti hain' (Such small things keep happening)...indeed, if this is a small thing, I wonder what would be a slightly major thing for him? A nuclear fall-out,maybe?Or,earth disintegrating?
Amongst other things,I've lots and lots to write about,but,it'll all come in the coming days...suffice to say,the first five days have gone in(besides being glued to the TV set) going to the Doc twice, before and after getting the Xray, going to the physiotherapist(2 more visits to do), being told that I have a stiff back,and, I just need to make it more flexible....maybe I'll take up aerobic dancing one of these days!That is,if I can avoid slipping a disc-oh!
Till tomorrow,or the day after,or the day after- cheerio!Take care,all. I started blog-surfing today,and,will be around at ur blogs very soon!!


ishita said...

even a small scratch on the said EX-minister would seem like an earth shattering event to him!!

i can't believe how completely disconnected these politicians are from what is REAL and what the common man is feeling on the streets post this horrible's like watching an alien blabbering junk!

...and yes take care of ur back..i hear swimming is a big help...

Keshi said...

Good to know ur safe Amit!

**(Such small things keep happening).

OMG he said that??? How insensitive! Wut abt all the ppl who lost their LIVES? Is that SMALL? I cant believe how some ppl dun VALUE others' lives.

Take care of urself and ur health. Be well Amit. And plz stay safe!


austere said...

Tc, watch that back, boss.

To think that the week of the 3rd I spent trooping in and out of these two hotels!

Alka said...

Just don't know what to write. You see almost no crowd in marketplaces and malls. I too feared to venture out of home. This weekend I saw almost all the vehicles parked in the society's parking space.

rain girl said...

enjoy your holiday! :)