Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dreams Unlimited

0500: Wake up. Yawn leisurely, have no tensions, do normal morning works.
0515: Have ½ a cup of tea
0530: Go to E.M.E. Temple for morning prayers. Sit and enjoy peace and silence for fifteen minutes after the prayers
0615: Return, read newspaper headlines if paper has arrived.
0630: Morning walk begins
0645: Stop to have a cup of ‘golden chai’, at the friendly neighbourhood teastall
0700: Reach Sayaji Park, take 2-3 rounds of the walking track, while listening to favourite music.
0800: Reach home, relax, read positive books, think pleasant thoughts
0900: Leave for self-owned bookshop-cum-cafe
0930-0100: Have pleasant time in bookshop, maintain PR with employees and customers
0100-0400: Return home, rest, have half hour of sleep, catch up with family, read a magazine or two
0400-0700: Return to bookshop, spend time reading, browsing. Continue writing jokebook and other books. Send off a Letter(or two) To The Editor
0700: Leave for home after checking day’s receipts
0730: Reach home with relaxed mind and no tensions, feeling as fresh as in the morning.
0730-0800: Evening walk time
0800-1030: Have pleasant time at home, playing scrabble/carom/reading, watching a movie, etc

Coming up: Modifications planned in above Dream schedule for Weekends.
PS: As you might have guessed, this is in no way my current schedule. It's just a dream as of now.
Joke for the day:Frannie went to the doctor, saying she had a problem with her aviaries. The doctor said, "Frannie, you're being silly. You mean ovar*es. Aviaries are where you find birds." Frannie shook her head and said she meant *aviaries*. Not prepared to argue, the doctor told her to get on the couch for an inspection. After a quick look, he said, "Well, Frannie, you're right! There's been a cockatoo in there."


austere said...

You cant possibly close the bookshop/cafe at 7ish. Earliest possible is 9.
You'd do thunderously, you know?

Keshi said...

LOL I was seriously wondering HOW COME til I read the last part of the post! Dreamy indeedz!

btw how come Amit didnt inlcude 'blogging' as part of that dreamy schedule? oh nos!


Curious said...

Wow..sounds great amitji.. Seriously I dream of a stress free life as well.. Sighhhhhh

Khamakha said...

aaah..nice nice

Arunima said...

ha ha,

My routine is getting out of the bed and do everything in a hurry to reach the office on time. No dream table too.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy..haha-well,I'd surely have some trustworthy people there for post-7 o' clock,na?And,I'd perhaps be able to leave even earlier?:)And,thanks for your confidence.ahem!
Hi,Keshi-I knew u'd ask that-but then,that's what 'browsing'refers to..and,for writing posts,it'd be either during any free time or,on weekends.(LOL-and,don't tell me libraries do peak business on weekends..we'll work something out):)
Hi,Curious-tks..and,no,don't just dream,try and see how you can bring the dream to reality..and,one stress-buster is a DBM,need I add?ROFL.
Hi,Arunima-exactly-try doing the same routine for another five-ten years and you'll see why I wrote this post..haha!!:)

Aquarius said...

ahh is'nt that everyones dreams schedule....mine is not too bad actually since the job is not too stressful and luckily i get off at 5.30...heheh