Thursday, December 25, 2008

Carry on Doc

Doctors-hospitals- hardly anything in these two words that would elicit a laugh. Unless it's the movie' Carry On, Doctor'. I saw this movie some years back, and imagine my delight when I found it available for download on the net.
The movie's about 'Carry On' set of characters, playing their roles in a hospital. A majority of them, of course, are patients.
There's this ole guy who's totally well, but, just wants to stay in the hospital to be away from his ever-chattering wifey. So, he keeps doing things to show that he's not recovering, like putting the thermometer in warm tea to make the temperature shoot up, mixing rum(or some drink) with his pee to make the combo blow up in testing, making the lab assistant remark'this guy's remarkable-he has rum running in his pee' or something to that effect. When his wifey does come for a visit, he puts on a stethescope, and she doesn't notice and keeps on droning for hours.
Just like him, another guy is always going off to the lady's ward to wave/meet a lady patient. (This guy, apparently had his appendix taken out. He also fell off the operation table, and walks with a limp)

Another guy's gone all weak on bringing his wife for her delivery. So, he's also in the male ward. And, his wife comes to see him everyday. And, he's getting more tense as the D day approaches.
There's the guy who preaches positivity, and, the lack of need to go to doctors. Until he falls off the stage, and has a few bruises, which land him in the same loony ward. And, he can't believe the people he sees around him. Turns out,he's the most paranoid of the lot.
There's the docs and nurses hankering after each other, to add a further twist to the tale.
There're so many scenes which are absolutely hilarious, and cannot be described, frankly. So, if you can get hold of the movie, DO! You won't be able to tell that it was made in 1968.

Here's a clip from youtube, just to 'give you an idea': Clip 1 (It has some of the funny scenes)

And another, slightly hazy: Clip 2

Don't you just love youtube? you might get the whole movie this way

And, since we're talking of medical humour, here's the joke for the day:

Nurse: "The doctor will be with you in a moment. Take off your clothes, please." Patient: "In front of you?" Nurse: "It's quite all right. I'm used to those little things."

And, a simple joke:
"What do you want for your birthday?" Papa asked junior on the eve of the event. I want a watch." So they let him.


Lastly, What do you think of my caption?
Oh, and we have a looong weekend coming up this week and the next. Three days off from tomorrow, then, three working days, and again three days off. Plan to do lots of reading, posting, sight-seeing,.....Pure,simple relaxation, in short.


rain girl said...

good, good. take rest :)

austere said...

Take a lot of photos.


Wasn't this based on a book series? I'd read a few from the library in Alkapuri.