Friday, December 05, 2008

Baroda Diary-1

Some things never change...looking back at the time I was at Dubai airport, on 26th. (BTW,this flight was from the new Terminal, and it's pretty good..I won't say 'awesome',since I somehow find the original one to be more 'humane', somehow..more on that later)

1. People still rush to the boarding section, as soon as the announcement goes' Flight so-and-so, boarding now'. They all still rush to stand in a queue, even though the guy has said ' First Class and Business class passengers first'.

2. As soon as the flight lands, and,even before the aircraft has come to a stop, clickety-clack go a hundred plus seatbelts. People are sure that the flight is going to take off in five minutes,leaving them still on it. Or, they are in a hurry, thinking that if they rush, they'll get their baggage first.

3. I still have a smug smile on my face, when I see those who rushed ahead of me, from the craft,and onto the first bus, and, then,first in line at immigration...I got my luggage and they didn't get theirs, and were looking pretty desolate...all that effort,all that jostling and rushing wasted, you see.

4. From here on, what things don't change in Baroda: A chai-wallah or two are always open on the highway route from A'bad to Baroda. And, there's no pleasure like the simple pleasure of having a cuppa 'golden chai', at 5 AM in the morning.
(That's the Baroda-Ahmedabad expressway- quite nice, I think-world class)

5. People, whether on the route, or, in our fair city, still feel the world's a toilet - a relieving pee-lace for them. So, as soon as they see a clearing, whoops- off they get from their cycle/scooter/car/bus, and begin their business of peeing. One new height- this guy on a mobike- spotted him from afar, when I was on my walk two days back- with cellphone cradled between ear and shoulder, he stopped his bike, got off, walked to the side of the road, which was sloping, all while talking on the phone. By the time I reached near his bike, the relieved man was zipping up, still talking the same way on the cell, mounted his bike, and went off...What control!!What practice!!

6. Going for Pooja at EME Temple, is still a delight. And,imagine my surprise,when the head Panditji recognized me and asked me where I've think he'd remember me,from the loads of people he must be seeing daily....very nice.

7. Rookies still don't know their seniors. So, one of them smartly saluted me today morn, thinking I was one of the bosses, perhaps coz I keep my hair short, walk with a sharp gait, et al??hehe!! I 'salaamed' right back.

More coming up later, on places I visited- memories from memory lane, rather.

Among things which have changed, one of them is that going to see God, now needs an ID card, even at 530 in the morning. You have to leave your ID at the main gate, then, go to the Temple, and, pick up your ID while returning. But then, I can't complain- always better to be safe than sorry, na- specially after the recent Mumbai events.

Waise, I want to go out with my cam and take a few pics of my favourite places-lets see if time permits. Just 5 days to go, from tomorrow!!Time really flies.

Joke for the day(It'll have to do,while I read up from the collection I picked up recently):
A man asked his friend, "How's your wife doing?" The friend said, "Not too well. She hasn't been feeling herself lately. But it was a damned dirty habit anyway."

Till next time, keep smiling!!


Praddy said...

ah Amit ji, how long in here? coming anywhere down south?

Tinsel town buzz said...

Hi Amit! Back in Baroda again, eh? Isn't this like your second time in one year? lol.. Lucky you! :)

Keshi said...

wow the temple's pandit still remembers ya? now thats something! :)


austere said...

Kem cho??
Thanks for the alert- I need my PAN card to go to EME? :(

Nice photo of the expressway.

And that salute.. good show, aye sir!

AmitL said...

Hi, sad-not this time...I have an idea,though- future trips,if there's less luggage,I'll start planning via Chennai/ Delhi/ Mumbai...provided,of course,the bomb scares are gone..hehe!!Returning on Thurs,to Dxb.

AmitL said...

Hi,Shreya-ab,aap nazar naa lagaayein!!:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-isn't it amazing? I was just as pleasantly surprised.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-hehe..yes,either that,or,any photo id!!Sad,na!but,security ke liye,it's all acceptable.
The salute-lol..yes!