Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom

(Really inspiring, the above poem-I say it, early morning as well as before going to sleep and it works wonders, somehow!)

I always feel that the best gems are found in the most unlikely of places! So, how about this erudite quote from Snoopy(Charlie Brown's doggie):

Learn from yesterday
        Live for today
             Look to tomorrow
                    Rest this afternoon!

Isn't that nice? The simplest way to say' take it easy, but take note of the present, the past and the future, in your own way'.

But, do we really do that? Is there any mistake that you made once,and you never repeated again? Like, getting angry for no reason and shouting at someone just to let off steam.

Or, did you begin the day feeling all grumpy, and growled throughout breakfast, getting ready and at work? Did you ever think what impression your colleagues would have got of you, in this (rare/normal) phase of yours? Will they ever look at you the same way as they used to, with whatever amount of respect, once they realize what an animal you can be?
And, while leaving your workplace, did you feel thrilled at the prospect of being able to return back tomorrow, a day after you received your salary?
So, what exactly governs us? What causes these moods? Like, me for example- every time I'm ready to put up a post, I'm all enthused, and, I do come up with what I wanted to write about. And, I also decide to post daily. But, the next day, something or the other happens, and I lose my mood to post..and, the next day, and the next!!!! Ah well, that's something simple to do, I guess- just need a bit of motivation...

And, take this situation last week- this colleague called me up from a site. He was sounding most harassed, because he was being given a nice runaround by one of the product suppliers, where delivery of material was concerned- so, he wanted to let off a bit of steam as well as ask me to help him get the urgent stuff...my first reaction that day, just coz I'd had a tiring morning, was to tell him' So, why come to me? Can't you do such a small thing also yourself?'...but, I caught myself at just the right time. I called the supplier, got a positive answer and conveyed it to this guy, who was delighted that his request was answered. Which was what he wanted my help for, when he called.

Now, had I reacted as I had first wanted to, what would have happened? I'm sure we both would have been cribbing at each other(No, both of us don't use bad words) and spoiling our colleague-ral relationship. It again proved to me the veracity of the thought- think before you react. Put yourself in the other person's shoes before blurting out an instant reaction!!

In fact, many times people know that they can handle a situation- but, they just want someone to lend them a patient listening ear, then, they'll even solve their problem themselves,feeling lighter, now that they've unburdened their woes from the heart to the mouth to the other person!

Jokes for the day: 

When the girl robbed the bank, she tied up the safe and blew the guard. Guess who she was??

Yes, she was a blonde.

Insult of the day: If ignorance is bliss,you must be orgasmic.

(Now,would that be an insult or a compliment?Depends on where you're looking, of course)


Till next time, keep smiling!


Harsha said...


Your insult of the day is going to be my facebook status

Keshi said...

Thoughtful post there Amit!

I think MOODS govern our words and deeds alot of the time. We cant really help it. The mind controls us most of the time and its pretty hard to control the mind :) But like u said, if we really THINK before we say/do something, the result will be much better and positive.

**It again proved to me the veracity of the thought- think before you react

Very true!

Ur a kind and thoughtful person...thats why u helped ur colleague irrespective of how u were feeling. But me being the cranky one can really ask ppl to piss off lol!

But this post made me think alot. ty for that Amit!

HAHAHA @ orgasmic joke!


Keshi said...

Also, I wanted to say, we do need to live for TODAY yes...but we need to think abt TOMORROW too and take some actions TODAY. U know wut I mean?

eg: Im thinking the more Im here in Blogville, the more it gets harder to leave...:(


raingirl said...

so agree with you on this mood thing. *sigh* it almost ruins my life, so many times. like getting angry in office.. bowww

love the first lines.. so true.. :)

Sweetstickychewy said...

I can idenify...

Its crazy how we go blasting and find out its not worth it when its only a little things that could be helped if i allow.

It happens i guess eh, letting out tongue slip before our head can think twice.

Thought provoking post.:)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

i like the insult of the day.

i guess the way to deal with moods is have a perspective which is much wider than the event. will this matter in five years - if not, let it go.

shooting star said...

hey there amit..
i thought about putting a pic of mine in the post..but then all the pics i took werent up to the mark..the first pic is the closest one to the real hair cut i have got..

i love the poem...it makes me realise our wer and limitations at the same time.....
yeah i think i have learnt a lot from ym mistakes...and i think i have never repeated any..but that isnt any consolation coz i keep making new mistakes all the while!!!!

Kiran Sawhney said...

liked the post and the jokes.

austere said...

The snoopy quote had "Party tonight!" as the last line?