Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quiz,What if,et al

Hi,all- just a small post, to begin the weekend. More coming up shortly!:)

7 Words :
Question: See if you can figure out what these words have in common
1 Banana
2 Dresser
3 Grammar
4 Potato
5 Revive
6 Uneven
7 Assess

What if real life had sounds, like in movies?Well,youtube has a video for that-see it. I was quite amused at the simplicity of it all-and,what a nice change it would bring,if we could add background music to real life, whenever we wanted.

Frankly, I quite liked my slogan last week. But,they picked another one,which I thought was not sooo funny...
Only one girl (a blonde) signed up for the high school wood-working class.
The shop teacher said, "This course may be a bit out of your league. Do you have any experience at all working with tools?"
"What exactly do you mean?"
"Well, what's the difference between a nail, a screw and a bolt?" the shop teacher asked.
She pondered the question, then replied, "Well, I don't really know, as I've never been 'bolted.'"
Till next time, keep smiling!


austere said...

pairs, the sequence of 3rd and 4th gets reversed in the last 2 letters...

Will check out the You tube thing later.

Solitaire said...

That each word has a repetition of letters except for one letter in it?

stony said...

If you remove the first letter, you get a palindrome.

Or, if you shift the first letter to the end and read backward, you get the same word.

stony said...

Incidentally, it's your nice jokes that make me visit your blog.

Khamakha said...

lol... interesting post indeed sorry,I vent visited ur blog in a while...

Hope allz well at your end.

and that quiz...umm..sumthing to do with the vowels i gues..:P


AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-close,but,not exactly what I wanted.:)Hope u checked out the utube one.
Hi,Sol:close...but,not exactly.
Hi,Stony-the second one is correct..i.e. if you shift the first letter to the end and read backwards,you get the same word.Congrats.
And,I didn't realize about the palindrome...but,of course,the words without the first letter don't mean,we'll go with the second answer.:)

And,glad you like the 'nice jokes'.haha!
Hi,Khamakha(Alias no.2.:))grea to see u around...I did visit ur blog kal.Keep it up.Quiz-read the answer above.

Keshi said...

Amit u didnt wait for me to take part in that question. Not fair. :(


Arunima said...

read the comments first to find the answers and then back to the post to figure out what they are saying. umm, I am smart! :-)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

if you ignore the first letter, you can read the word in both directions. anana, otato, resser

and so on

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi---heeeyy..u should do like I do when I miss ur quiz-first find the answer,then,check the comments!!:)Next time,I'll drop u an email when I post a quiz..
Hi,Smart Arunima!!ROFL.
Hi,Cyn..nearly there...if u shift the first letter to the end,u can read the word the other way round!